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Chapter 173: What? Beast Tide?

Madam Ning looked at Feng Wu closely! Actually, she already felt herself that there had always been a feeling that there were two in her belly. However, she'd invited quite a few Alchemists and in then end they said that there's only one, so she could only give up on the idea, yet she didn't expect that now……

"How can you prove this?" Madam Ning earnestly looked at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu spread out her hands. "When Madam Ning gives birth, there'll naturally be the proof. However, in order to allow the female to live, you must take care of your body and wait until you've reached full-term to give natural labor, otherwise……"

Madam Ning nodded her head.

Yan Yan became anxious and pulled Madam Ning. "Younger Aunt, she's simply spouting rubbish and you still believe her?"

Madam Ning kneaded the space between her eyebrows. "I don't know whether it's a mother's intuition, but her words is the same as what I'm feeling."

The corners of Yan Yan's mouth twitched. She still wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Madam Ning.

Madam Ning smiled as she said to Feng Wu. "No matter what, I'm thankful for your (with respect) reminder."

She nodded to Feng Wu, then brought her group to go back.

Qiu Ling pouted. "My Lady's medical expertise is unequalled in the world. They don't believe you, so they won't have any good fruit to eat."

Feng Wu turned towards Qiu Ling and stuffed her mouth with a fruit. "Rest properly. Early tomorrow——"

Just at this time, suddenly, there was a the sound of loud explosion!

A violent noise exploded in the distance.

The entire Needs Full Temple shook, as if the earth dragon turned itself (an earthquake)!

The people inside were all shocked!

What happened?

"Properly take care of Beautiful Mother. I'll go out to take a look." Feng Wu instructed Qiu Ling.

That explosion just now caused her heart to feel a kind of indistinct uneasiness. She temporarily couldn't describe it.

Feng Wu rushed out of Needs Full Temple, Ning Chen Xi also followed after and ran out.

Yan Yan saw Ning Chen Xi run out and she also followed after.

Needs Full Temple was built halfway up the mountain. The terrain certainly wasn't very good. With one leap, Feng Wu jumped onto the roof of Need Full Temple. Her cold gaze fixed at the distant place from where the sounds transmitted.

As the sunset unfolded, it's as if the color of blood destroyed the sun. It shocks the eyes to look upon it.


Yet another sound transmitted!

In the sky, the color of blood destroyed the sun. Suddenly, a huge draconic shadow appeared.

Sinister and terrifying!

Feng Wu's heart abruptly sunk downward!

This shadow appeared quickly and also faded quickly. In only an instant it disappeared and could no longer be seen, besides Feng Wu standing at the highest vantage point, no one else saw it. Very quickly, Feng Wu jumped down from the roof and went inside.

"What's happening?" Ning Chen Xi chased to Feng Wu's side. Seeing Feng Wu's grave and serious appearance, his entire body stiffened and seemed as if he'd seen a very terrible thing.

Yan Yan also looked at Feng Wu in confusion. Just now, she jumped on the roof, and it's been merely a few seconds before she jumped back down, then quickly returned inside……what's going on here?

Wasn't this a normal clap of thunder?

As Feng Wu walked, she spoke to Ning Chen Xi. "If nothing unanticipated happens, then there'll very quickly be a beast tide, therefore, we need to set off quickly."

"What? A beast tide?" Ning Chen Xi subconsciously shook his head. "How can there be a beast tide? What happened just now was merely a few drought related thunders, that's all. How can it be as grave as to be a beast tide? Moreover, this is also not the season for beast tides. In general, only during the winter……"

However, Feng Wu didn't pay anymore attention to him as she said to Qiu Ling. "Hurry and pack up. We're leaving right now."

This action of Feng Wu's caused everyone at the scene be astonished.

But Qiu Ling and the others obeyed Feng Wu's every word and never questioned her. Thus, all of them stood up and gathered the things at hand. Within a minute, they had packed up everything.

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