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Chapter 174: Isn't This Just Too Funny?

Ning Chen Xi was even stunned in place. He was somewhat flabbergasted……why leaving so suddenly?

Madam Ning who was supporting Madam Yan's arm stood up. She glanced at Feng Wu, then pulled Ning Chen Xi and asked with creased eyebrows. "What's happening?"

Ning Chen Xi looked at Feng Wu, then looked at Madam Ning, appearance somewhat grave. "She said that a beast tide is imminent, however……this isn't the right season. How can there be a beast tide at this time?"

Having said this, Ning Chen Xi went and pulled Feng Wu. "Right now, the sun is quickly setting. The night is dark and the fog is heavy. Demonic beasts are running amuck. The several members of your family are old, weak and injured. How can they escape from this mountain? You should believe me for once. There truly isn't a demonic beast tide. Wait until daybreak tomorrow then journey with the large procession, won't that be better?"

Feng Wu seriously fixed her eyes on Ning Chen Xi. "Believe me for once. Within Icebound Forest, there are two demonic beast kings that are fighting. One is a Blood Demonic Dragon. The other one, which can fight with the Blood Demonic Dragon, is not simple. Their fierce battle will impact the other beasts. The demonic beasts inside Icebound Forest will raid the surrounding areas and we will subsequently suffer from these demonic beasts' impact——"

Feng Wu lifted her head to look and shook her head. "Don't mention the early morning, it won't survive through tonight."

Ning Chen Xi suddenly didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Why do you always make things so exaggerated and serious like this? Do you suffer from delusional tendencies? We have so many experts here——"

Feng Wu saw that he didn't believe her and didn't have the patience to continue listening. She walked to stand before Madam Ning and focused on Madam Ning. "I feel that you're an understanding person. Other people don't believe these words, but maybe you will believe them. If I haven't guessed incorrectly, there won't merely be a demonic beast tide tonight……what I'm really worried about is that the two king grade demonic beasts will fight, which will give rise to earthquakes, earth dragon turning over. At that time, it won't merely be the surrounding areas around Icebound Forest which will be affected. Madam Ning, your pregnancy won't be able to stand the tossing. If possible, please depart quickly."

After she finished speaking, Feng Wu waved her hand then brought Qiu Ling and company away.

Beautiful Mother was stunned. She didn't know what kind of situation had occurred, however, their family had always done whatever Feng Wu suggested. Thus, they completely didn't have any objections as they sat inside their carriage.

Uncle Shu was going to drive the cart, but was rejected by Feng Wu. "The next section of road will be very difficult to cross, better let me drive. Uncle Shu, seize this time to rest. After this, I'm afraid a fierce battle will be unavoidable."

Feng Wu's appearance was as calm as water. There was gravity in her serious eyes, giving people a kind of very pressing feeling.

Uncle Qiu nodded conscientiously as he sat cross-legged in meditation inside the carriage right away and his body started to cultivate.

Feng Wu's group left very quickly and didn't leave behind a single trace.

Until Feng Wu left, the group of people inside the room were still stunned……they sneaked peeks at each other.

"Demonic beast tide? Earth dragon turning over? Ha ha ha, isn't this just too funny?" Feng Liu laughed coldly at once. "In order to escape, she truly can make things up."

"In order to escape?" Yan Yan fixed her gaze at Feng Liu.

Feng Liu was naturally happy to approach Yan Yan. She intimately fawningly said. "Inside this dwelling, she offended you guys, and also offended us. Within her group, those who aren't old are weak, if not weak, then ill. Do you think that she can sleep peacefully at night? Therefore, she just wanted to make up such a high-sounding reason and leave in an honorable manner. The result is that all of you have been deceived by her. Each and everyone of you are getting nervous……ha ha ha——"

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