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Chapter 172: Dragon and Phoenix Twins

Madam Yan waved her hands. "A few days ago, I left the window open when taking a nap, so I accidentally caught a cold, that's all. I'll be fine after taking some medicine. How is that an incurable disease? This girl is speaking rubbish!"

Yan Yan glared at Feng Wu fiercely. "What else do you have to say?"

Feng Wu smiled indifferently. "Hiding a sickness for fear of treatment is most unacceptable. Since you yourself don't treasure your life, then who can even cherish it for you?"

Madam Yan glared at Feng Wu. "That's enough. A little girl surprisingly dares to stick her nose into my business! Of all the nerve!"

Feng Wu smiled yet didn't smile as she turned to Madam Yan and sighed a long sigh. "Madam Yan, don't you become agitated, once you get overly agitated, the blood vessels in your brain may burst. At that time, if you guys falsely accuse me of angering you to death, then my hands won't be cleaned of the matter even if I jump into the Yellow River. Therefore, without delay, please calm yourself and go back."

"Repulsive girl, you——" Yan Yan charged forward and wanted to get into a fight with Feng Wu. However, Feng Wu waved her hands. "Miss Yan, if you have the strength to get angry with me, why don't you take advantage of this final short period of time to accompany your mother."

"Little girl, your mouth is a bit poisonous." Madam Ning glared at Feng Wu. Honestly speaking, she actually was originally quite fond of Feng Wu, however, she's now a bit unhappy.

Feng Wu's gaze moved to Madam Ning's belly and knit her brows as she asked Madam Ning. "Is it alright for me to take your pulse for a bit?"

"Not alright!" Yan Yan immediately refused on Madam Ning's behalf. "Do you know who she is? She is this Peaceful Remote Province's lord inspector's wife. If you pulled some tricks while taking her pulse, then what's to be done? Furthermore, with one look at a girl like you and that bad luck will soar approach along with you. What's to be done if you vent your anger on my aunt?"

Yet Madam Ning motioned to Yan Yan to calm down as she faced Feng Wu and extended her hand. "Young girl seems to have some knack for this. That's good also, why don't you help check my pulse and tell me what you think."

Not far away, Feng Liu and Feng Yi Ran glanced at each other. This Feng Wu was truly interesting. They'd never known that she practiced medicine.

Feng Wu placed her fingers on Madam Ning's pulse and withdrew her hand in but three seconds of time. The corners of Yan Yan and Madam Yan's mouth immediately curved into a disdainful sneer.

There's a time period needed to check someone's pulse, but it certainly couldn't be only three seconds. Could she even find a pulse within such a short period of time, therefore, this little girl really only knew how to talk and was indeed embroidering a pillow (making things up).

"Younger Aunt, she definitely want to speak again to scare you. "Yan Yan laughed coldly.

Feng Wu laughed indifferently. "Madam Ning has already been pregnant for eight months. The twins inside your belly are one of the best looking. Nutrition is also abundant, however, besides this……an umbilical cords is wrapped around the neck. During the birthing process, I'm afraid there'll be some difficulties."

"Pfff——" Yan Yan laughed out loud. "Younger Aunt, wasn't I right? She'll certainly say some things to scare you. Following this, she'll certainly extort some money from you!"

But Madam Ning ignored Yan Yan as she stared at Feng Wu and only asked. "They?"

Feng Wu nodded her head. "Dragon and Phoenix twins (one boy, one girl)."

"Ha haha haha——" Yan Yan burst into loud laughter. "Younger Aunt, look at her serious appearance. She surprisingly say that you have twins, and even Dragon Phoenix twins! That's too funny, When we left from our mansion, we'd just invited a pill master to examine you. They all said that there's only one baby."

Yet Feng Wu levelly turned towards Madam Ning. "There are two. It's just that the female's nutrient is drained by the male, so her heartbeat is weak. In addition, with the umbilical cord around her neck, her chance of survival is not big at all."

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