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Chapter 171: Maybe It's Still Possible to Fight for an Opportunity to Live

Having heard Feng Wu say that she wouldn't bother with someone who's about to die, at first, Ning Chen Xi still hadn't reacted, but Yan Yan's reaction was quite big!

She 'thump thump' walked over and glared at Feng Wu. "What did you say just now? !"

Feng Wu spread her hands out, "What you've just heard is exactly how it is."

Yan Yan's anger overflowed. "You!" She charged up and wanted to fight with Feng Wu.

Ning Chen Xi quickly blocked her. "Yan Yan, why did you come here? Go back!"

"Ning. Chen. Xi! Do you have any eyes? Do you have ears any ears? Now she's cursing my mother with an incurable disease, hey, you're surprisingly still helping by speaking on her behalf? Aren't you a member of our family? You actually 'forget family before love' like the saying goes!"

Ning Chen Xi took a furtive look at his eldest aunt in the distance. His eldest aunt was so angry that she's ventilating. Her entire body was like a flaming, raging inferno. The guards that she brought along had also pulled out their swords.

Ning Chen Xi looked left and right awkwardly, however, he still finally said to Feng Wu. "Why don't you go and apologize?"

In a not distant place, the expression on Feng Liu and Feng Yi Ran's face was indifferent, but in fact, they were stealing glances and saw Feng Wu surprisingly curse Madam Yan recklessly in that way. The two brother and sister immediately were elated. Apparently, the two of them didn't need to make a move, Feng Wu still wouldn't be able to live on in the future!

Thinking of this, the the two brother and sister faced each other and smiled.

Feng Wu shot a glance at Ning Chen Xi and knit her brows slightly. "What I'm saying is the truth. Why should I apologize? Actually, if you guys sincerely want what's good for her, then have her quickly find a skilled pill refining master to examine her. Maybe, it'll still be possible to fight for an opportunity to live."


Even if Madam Yan was as educated as she was, she still could no longer stand it, as she waved her hand and immediately, twenty guards completely surrounded Feng Wu and her group!
Their appearances were solemn, expression cold and focused, eyes murderous!


The weapons in their hands were drawn in an orderly manner, quite fierce and imposing!

On their side, Madam Yan and Madam Ning lent each other an arm and came over.

Madam Yan's intent was clear. Originally, Madam Ning had a bit of a good impression towards Feng Wu, but inevitably also wrinkled her brows at the moment.

Wow! A fight's going to start! Hurry and kill Feng Wu! Feng Liu excitedly clenched her fists as her gaze fixed on the scene before her.

Madam Ning frowned as she watched Feng Wu, taking the initiative to talk. "Young girl, we haven't offended you before at all, right? These curse words, how can you speak them?"

Feng Wu shook her head unenthusiastically. "It's not a curse at all."

"Then what is it?"

"A reminder."

"A reminder?" Madam Ning furrowed her eyebrows. "You mean to say that my sister truly suffers from an incurable disease?"

"Yes." Feng Wu seriously and solemnly nodded.

Yet Madam Yan sneered aloud. "Firstly, you haven't taken my pulse, secondly, you haven't inquired about my symptoms. How can you decide that I have a serious illness? You're simply speaking randomly! I'm doing quite well, not even feeling the least bit ill. A silly girl like you actually think that you're a grandmaster level pill master?"

"Does Madam Yan really don't feel even the least bit ill? Have you not been kept awake at night with heart palpitations? You have never had a headache in the middle of the night? After every meal, does your belly not hurt?" Feng Wu watched her attentively with a smile that's not a smile.

Madam Yan's body instantly stiffened!

Once Feng Wu saw this reaction of hers, she then smiled faintly. "Whether your body is unwell or not, Madam Yan is knows about it most clearly, isn't that right? Whether I have spoken randomly, Madam Yan knows better than anyone else, isn't that so?"

"Mother, have you truly been feeling unwell?"


"Eldest Aunt?"

Everybody were deeply concerned as they turned towards Madam Yan.

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