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Chapter 170: I Won't Bother With Someone Who's About to Die

Having heard what was said, Yan Yan also nodded fiercely. "Cousin, that violent woman, how does she need your help? She's so ferocious at fighting! What's most important right now is younger aunt's health. Just a moment ago, younger aunt's belly was even hurting."

Having heard this, Ning Chen Xi quickly asked Madam Ning. "Mother, are you alright?"

Madam Ning smilingly said candidly. "I'm fine, it just hurts a little. It'll be fine after a bit of rest. However, that matter just now is really another family's family matter. It's not good for you to get too involved."

"I know……" Ning Chen Xi's head hung low.

By the side, Feng Liu heard Ning Chen Xi's family's conversation and immediately became happy!

Without Ning Chen Xi's help, wouldn't Feng Wu die for sure? Thinking of this, she very fiercely and glowered at her!

After Feng Wu had vented her anger a moment ago, she only felt her whole body lighten up. She and Qiu Ling were putting up a cooking pot to boil water. After that, they placed a lump of fried and dried noodles into the boiling pot.

Once the instant noodles had been thoroughly cooked, it's divided into four well shaped wood bowls. Added to that was Feng Wu's special packet of seasonings and dried vegetables.

Very quickly, an extraordinary fragrance pervaded the air in the entire Needs Full Temple, making people's fingers twitch and swallow saliva endlessly.

Yan Yan shot a glance towards Feng Wu's direction and marvelled secretly. It's merely simple cooked noodles, how come so fragrant……increasing people's appetite in this way, with saliva flowing steadily? What in the world did she put in there?

Because inside Needs Full Temple, one couldn't eat meat and fish, the Ning family was also cooking noodles, however, this fragrance was completely different. It seemed as if the Ning family cooked their noodles in plain water, which took away people's appetite.

Ning Chen Xi already took his bowl and rushed over there early on like a wretched little puppy as he turned towards Feng Wu.

Feng Wu thought about how he protected them outside the door previously and sighed. "We also don't have much, so we can only share a half bowl with you."

"Fine!" Ning Chen Xi smiled a bright and wide smile across his face.

After he tasted a small mouthful, Ning Chen Xi's eyes instantly shined as he gave a thumbs up with an exaggerated expression. "Mm! Tastes great! So delicious! This is the best noodles that I've ever eaten in my life!"

Yan Yan saw Ning Chen Xi eat so outrageously and dissatisfaction filled her face. She rushed towards Feng Wu and coldly smiled. "So young and you know how to depend on your face already, truly amazing!"

Feng Wu originally wanted to deny it, however, seeing Yan Yan's jealous appearance she smiled yet didn't smile. "I depend on my looks and am arrogant, do you have the looks to depend on?"

"What?" Yan Yan was almost angered to death by Feng Wu.

That face of Feng Wu's could be said to be the top beauty of an era, exceptional and incomparable!

However, her face was at most merely pretty and pleasant, that's all.

Madam Yan furrowed his brows deeply then focused on Yan Yan. "What's most important for young ladies is dignity, humility, submission, and gentleness. You, look at what you've done!"

"Mother, but she provoked me!" Yan Yan bit her lower lip, she just didn't like that girl, very much so!

Madam Yan glared at her Yan Yan. "Other people are uneducated, are you also uneducated? Have you forgotten all about everything you've learned previously? When we return to the capital this time, have the nannies teach you from the start."

While Madam Yan spoke, she glared at Feng Wu fiercely. Disdain and loathing was clearly reflected in her eyes.

Feng Wu noticed Madam Yan's expression, yet the corners of her mouth curved into an indifferent arc as she asked Ning Chen Xi. "Is she your eldest aunt?"

"Yes, yes. Please don't get angry with her. Actually, she's hard on the outside, but soft on the inside. She's really very nice……"

Feng Wu waved her hand. "I won't get angry."

"You're really nice."

"I won't bother with someone who's about to die." Feng Wu smiled indifferently.

Author's note: PS: I didn't drag out the story line on purpose. In this part of the story, Madam Yan buried a very significant foreshadowing. You'll know in the future~ haha ~

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