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Chapter 169: Impossible to Hate

Yan Yan suddenly shrieked. "Cousin! You're practically……what kind of expression is that! I'm telling you, don't you be enchanted by her outward appearance. Inside her is the heart of a snake, a scorpion! Go go go, let's go inside! Don't you continue to continue to associate with her anymore!"

Ning Chen Xi shook his head. "You guys go in first."

After saying this, he ran to Feng Wu's side and perked up with a smiling expression as he said to Feng Wu. "Look at the color of the sky, it's going to be dark soon. In addition, there seems to be an indication that it's going to rain. How can you hurry on your journey? Even if your health is good, the people by your side are all ill, isn't that right? My family is quite familiar with the head abbot here. How about you first come in and rest for a night. Wait until the sun's up before you continue your journey?"

Originally, based on Feng Wu's desire, she didn't want to go inside, however, what Ning Chen Xi said made some sense. She could brave the rain, however, her mother and the rest were unable to. As far as other people's supercilious looks……the firm hearted Feng Wu's expression was: what did that have to do with her?

Feng Wu nodded her head without any psychological burden as she supported Beautiful Mother inside.

This Need Full Temple is quite small, there's only one lobby in total and a backyard which was burned down in the recent past, therefore everyone were now gathered inside the lobby. It's just that each team occupied a corner.

Ning Chen Xi's family occupied half of the room. Feng Yi Ran stood at one corner, and the last quarter was occupied by Feng Wu.

Seeing Ning Chen Xi by Feng Wu's side quickly entering the front door, Madam Ning still didn't say anything, but Madam Yan couldn't stand by idly and watch as her stiff face angrily shouted. "Ning Chen Xi, you come over here!"

Ning Chen Xi had been scared of this maternal aunt from childhood. Having heard what was said, his hand trembled a bit, but still spoke to Feng Wu with a smile. "I'm going to go there for awhile. I'll come back to help you soon."

Feng Wu waved her hand. "Actually, that's not necessary. I can manage everything by myself already."

"No no no, wait for me. I'll come back very soon——" Ning Chen Xi very quickly ran back.

Madam Yan glared at Ning Chen Xi. "What in the world's going on? How did you get to know her? How did you come back together anyway? !" Madam Yan had always been planning to have the unmarried Yan Yan from her family married to Ning Chen Xi, because she watched her grow up, so she knew her thoroughly. However, she didn't expect this guy to run to another family's daughter's side and be especially attentive. This was simply going to anger her to death soon!

Ning Chen Xi said. "Previously, I was rushing on the road and saw that the young lady was surrounded by Black Luminary Wolves, therefore, I extended a helping hand and forced the Black Luminary Wolves into retreat. After that, we then traveled together to come here."

Because they were at an open and large lobby, in addition, Madam Yan and Ning Chen Xi both didn't lower their voice, therefore all of the surrounding people heard them.

Feng Yi Ran was helping Feng Liu treat her wound. His pair of imperceptible eyes and Feng Liu's faced each other. Sure enough, it was Ning Chen Xi who stepped out to help her!

Feng Liu's resentful gaze focused on Ning Chen Xi. If it wasn't for him, Feng Wu would've died by now!

How would she have been humiliated!

"Ning Chen Xi, his father is Ning Zhi Yuan, lord inspector of Peaceful Remote Province." Feng Yi Ran stated coldly.

"His eldest aunt's husband is both the minister of appointments and the minister of the military!"

"His eldest uncle (mother's brother) is North Prince Feng, Feng Xun's father!"

Such a powerful background? Feng Liu immediately didn't dare to hate him, as she rigidly fixed her gaze on Feng Wu. "Today's hatred, I, Feng Liu, will never forget it! There will be a day when I'll disember your body into a thousand pieces!"

And at this moment, Madam Yan and Yan Yan simultaneously glared at Ning Chen Xi, especially Madam Yan. Her gaze contained solemnity and admonishment. "Ning Chen Xi, I'm telling you, since you've already helped her, then you don't need to bother with her in the future! You don't need to continue getting close to her!"

Ning Chen Xi hung his head. It's unknown what he's thinking.

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