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Chapter 162: Love At First Sight

At this moment, the Black Luminary Wolves saw the corpses of wolves piled as far as their eyes could see. When they looked at Feng Wu again, their gazes were somewhat strange.

This human little girl's strength wasn't very frightening, what's frightening was that bravely advancing, tenacious and unyielding heart, and also that willpower that wasn't afraid of pain nor hardships.

Her body had been clawed with injuries, lacerated with wounds, slapped with bruises, and continually spit out blood quite a few times, however, she returned to rest and in a moment, surprisingly charged out once again……simply couldn't be beaten to death!

Therefore, even though the Black Luminary Wolves were vicious, they were finally terrified of Feng Wu's crazy cultivation method.

The idea of retreat had already birthed in them. When two parties were locked in confrontation, a firm aura was extremely important, once the idea of retreat entered one's mind, pressing on became very difficult.

But Feng Wu still hadn't had enough of training, so how could she be willing to let them withdraw?

She was only wondering whether she should pretend to be weakened, so that the Black Luminary Wolves could regain their confidence.

Just as Feng Wu pretended to be wounded, when the wolves were rolling on the ground——

Suddenly, a young man's voice boomed!

"You Black Luminary Wolves sure have guts. You actually dare to bully humans! Young girl, don't be afraid, I'm coming to save you!" A handsome and uncommonly bright youngster dropped out of nowhere. The sword in his hand shined and swept across. Immediately, ten black wolves were surrounded in the midst of battle.

Feng Wu's heart bathumped, doggone it——

Sure enough, once these Black Luminary Wolves saw that another human expert had arrived again, they turned directions and howled as they they wildly rushed away!

The youngster's face was full of shock. "Hey, you guys stand still. You bullied me yet dared to run away like that? !"

However, these Black Luminary Wolves were already miserably oppressed by Feng Wu earlier, how could they still dare to linger? Just like a burst of wind, they wildly rushed away!

The youngster was stunned as he watched. He rubbed his chin in some disbelief as he muttered to himself. "They are surprisingly scared of me? Can it be that my current strength is already so powerful? Ha ha ha, sure enough, I'm really a genius!"

Feng Wu silently took a glance at this young man, as she silently sighed inwardly.

It's too bad, this was supposed to be a hard to come by opportunity. She was even wondering if she could advance her cultivation to that of a level six Spirit Master, because she's currently already at the peak of the fifth level. The golden liquid had already reached a limit, the only thing left over was to engage in a life and death battle.

It's too bad, really too bad……

However, this young man by her side was completely unaware of Feng Wu's thoughts, as he thick and large hand patted Feng Wu's shoulder. "Young girl, with big brother here, don't be afraid! Big brother will protect you!"

Feng Wu looked at him. "Heh hehe……"

Only now did the pure and elegant youngster see Feng Wu's appearance clearly, this one glance only made him stunned, his soul even almost left his body!

Too, beautiful!

A body full of blood, yet that exceptionally beautiful face couldn't be concealed!

Umber-black eyebrows like the distant mountains, beautiful eyes as soft as moonlight, nose like white fine jade, lips like cherry blossoms in April……perfect facial features like they'd been delicately carved from gems, simply so perfectly beautiful.

She stood there, and the surrounding landscape was completely overshadowed. Only she remained between the earth and sky……dazzlingly beautiful, enough to suffocate him!

Ning Chen Xi is this Remote Peace Province's lord inspector's son. His mother even came from the Feng Prince's Mansion at the imperial capital, therefore, he could be considered to have seen the 'big wide world'. He'd met no small number of those treasured daughters at the imperial capital, but a beauty like this young girl before him, this was the first time he'd met one!

Too gorgeous. For him, it was simply love at first sight!

"You……" Ning Chen Xi paused a bit, then frowned as he reprimanded Feng Wu. "Young lady, where's the adult in your family? They just let you get caught up in this kind of dangerous predicament? If it wasn't for me hurrying over, you would've lost your life, do you know that? !"

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