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Chapter 161: I've Already Rested For Too Long

The corners of Feng Wu's mouth curved into a slight arc, following which she lifted the Fiery Flaming Sword in her hand and once again exploded forth!

Thus, the scene of fierce battle began once again.

This time, the length of time that Feng Wu was able to persevere was longer than before. No less than seven hundred Black Luminary Wolves were killed before she had to return to the safety circle, because her physical strength was unable to endure.

Feng Wu closed her eyes and cultivated as the fiery spirit power was condensed into golden liquid. After that, she once again set off——

She went out time and time again, returning each time her physical strength was exhausted, only to go out again once she recovered to her peak condition.

The injuries continued to accumulate on Feng Wu's body. There was practically no uninjured piece of flesh left on her body. Each of those painful claw lacerations were shocking to see.

However, Feng Wu didn't care. There was a firm conviction in her heart, and that was to become strong.

In this world were strength was lord, without strength there was no security, especially for her, who was formerly so outstanding.

How many people at the imperial capital were waiting to laugh at her? How many people were waiting to humiliate her? How many people were waiting to bully her?

And now, she had the ability to cultivate again, what was a bit of hardship to bear?

As long as she didn't die, this tool of a body could continue to brace itself!

Until later, Qiu Ling's heart ached so much that she almost fainted as she pulled Feng Wu. "My Lady, My Lady, it's better that you rest a bit, your current condition……our hearts truly feel very pained."

Yet Feng Wu smiled indifferently. "Qiu Ling, your lady, I have already rested for too long."

Five years of precious time at Northern Territory City had already wasted.

"But……" Qiu Ling looked at the dress on Feng Wu's body that was already stained red by blood to the point that its original color could not be distinguished and her tears immediately trickled out like a broken faucet. "My Lady, there's still a lot of time in the future, a lifetime worth of time for you to cultivate."

"No." Feng Wu shook her head as she gravely and seriously gazed at Qiu Ling. "I'm not by myself. I want to protect my mother, brother, and also you guys. If I don't have enough strength, our group of people will all die."

What Feng Wu didn't say aloud was that if Zuo Qing Luan knew that she'd once again regained her talent……Zuo Qing Luan could destroy her True Phoenix Blood the first time around, could she not destroy her a second time? !

Thinking to this point, Feng Wu breathed in deeply. The rate of her advancement was still not quick enough. She'd need to put in more effort still!

Seeing that her Lady of the house' blood covered body charge into the wolf pack once again, Qiu Ling covered her nose and mouth as two lines of tears streamed down wordlessly……she took in a deep breath.

She couldn't help her lady in terms of cultivation, then she'd just help take of her in every other way possible, help her lady well in logistics, so that she wouldn't be distracted. Mn!

After that, her Fiery Flaming Sword play was practiced to the tenth move, Moon and Stars Thrust!

Following which she cultivated and resumed condensing the golden liquid again and again. Her cultivation finally advanced to a level five Spirit Master!

After so many years of effort, Fairy Mu Yao and Feng Liu also only reached the cultivation of a level five Spirit Master. It could clearly be seen how difficult it was to reach the cultivation of a level five Spirit Master.

However, after Feng Wu had resumed cultivation for ten days, she'd already advanced to a level five Spirit Master!

But Feng Wu wasn't self-satisfied at all, the pride of a genius was deeply ingrained in her bones. Because she understood more clearly than anyone that based on the Imperial Academy's standards, there were a total of three grades.

The junior institute, the mid-level institute, and also the high grade institution.

Those who entered the junior institution were at least a level three Spirit Master and graduated as a level six Spirit Master.

Those who entered the mid-level institution were at least a level five Spirit Master and graduated as a level nine Spirit Master.

As for the high grade institution, the minimum entry requirement was at the Spirit Ancestor level.

Another way of putting it was that with her current strength, she didn't even have the strength to graduate from a junior institution, so how could she be arrogant?

Thinking to this point, Feng Wu once again used the Black Luminary Wolves to train.

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