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Chapter 163: Do You Still Want This Little Life Of Yours? !

Feng Wu speechlessly gazed at his refined and handsome young man who one could tell was born noble with one look. "……"

Ning Chen Xi even thought that this dumbfounded expression of Feng Wu's was one of adoration as he immediately smiled quite happily. "Look at you, this young girl, looking at Big Brother in such a silly way, ha haha——"

Feng Wu no longer wanted to say anything as she turned around and walked towards the safety circle.

Black Luminary Wolves were a ruthless wolf species. After their companions had been killed by Feng Wu, they gathered around their companion's carcasses and fed on them. Only hills of bones were left over, therefore the scene surrounding them still looked shockingly barbaric.

Suddenly, Feng Wu seemed to have thought of something as she stared at the sunshiny young man. "How should you be addressed?"

"I'm Ning Chen Xi, Younger Sister, it can't be that that you haven't even heard of my name before?" The youngster saw that Feng Wu's face looked indifferent and immediately made a fuss.

Looking at Ning Chen Xi, Feng Wu thought of Feng Xun. Thinking of Feng Xun caused her head to start aching, therefore, she glared at the young man without any good feelings. "Stand there. Don't move."

"Huh?" Even though the youngster was puzzled, he still stood at his original spot and didn't move.

As quick as lightning, Feng Wu's figure then very quickly disappeared from her original position.

It wasn't for any other reason, except that Feng Wu suddenly recalled that previously, for the sake of fleeing, Uncle Qiu couldn't help but abandon the rear horse carriage on the way here. But on that carriage were all of Beautiful Mother's most beloved clothes.

When Feng Wu hurried over there, that carriage already flipped over, and the horse was also already devoured by the Black Luminary Wolves until not even the skeleton remained. However, the trunks were still there.

Fortunately, Feng Wu possessed the Dragon Phoenix Ring. When her hand pressed on the trunks, each of those trunks were retrieved by her into the storage space and stacked at the outermost, outermost corner.

Thinking about Beautiful Mother, Feng Wu quickly regained her senses. If she were to see this dirty appearance of her body covered in blood, she'd embrace her and weep incessantly for sure.

Thinking of this, Feng Wu straightforwardly plunged into a brook not far away and quickly washed herself completely clean and fresh, before changing into new clothes. She came out from the forest all cleaned and neat.

After Feng Wu didn't return for time, Ning Chen Xi could no longer stand still as he quickly chased after her. The first thing he saw was the clean and fresh Feng Wu.

She, who was originally covered by blood smears, was remarkably beautiful. Now that she'd been washed of the filthy blood, she additionally possessed a magnificent freshness and elegance that came from being entirely clean, especially that pair of eyes, limpid and transparent like jade, stunning beauty hidden in depth, enough to hook onto one's spirit and absorb one's soul, absolutely stifling!

During the split second that Ning Chen Xi saw Feng Wu, he only felt the blood from his entire body rush to his head as his pair of sensitive earlobes suddenly became feverish.

"Cough cough——" Ning Chen Xi coughed softly, then pretended to be solemn as he glared at Feng Wu. "Little Sister, it's very dangerous for you to run out like that, you know? What if there are still Black Luminary Wolves around? Do you still want this little life of yours? !"

Feng Wu rolled her eyes while thinking about how if it wasn't for this young man interrupting her, she would've advanced to a level six Spirit Master by now!

She's afraid that she'd lose control and go crazy, so Feng Wu took in a deep breath then left. She didn't want to talk to him.

But Ning Chen Xi wasn't aware of this as he followed her and walked alongside her. He spoke as he walked. "Little Sister, you really shouldn't be willful, the world outside is very scary. How about having Big Brother escort you home? That's right, which family's child are you?"

Once he finished making inquiries, he could have his mother go to her home later and propose marriage, ha ha ha——Ning Chen Xi bluntly thought this secretly in his heart.

Feng Wu inhaled deeply as she glared at Ning Chen Xi. "Don't you follow me."

"I'm not following you. If more Black Luminary Wolves were to chase you again, what're you going to do?"

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