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Chapter 160: Unendurable Physical Strength, Unbearable Exhaustion.

This practice wasn't a random exercise.


The Fiery Flaming Sword accurately and unerringly pierced into the space between the wolf's eyebrows!

Puchi puchi!

Again unceasingly pierced into the area between the eyebrows!

Without any excessive movement and also without too big of a hole, the only thing present was a fatal strike!

Precise, yet ruthless and sharp!

Therefore, the speed at which these twenty Black Luminary Wolves were stabbed to death was several times faster than before!

However, Feng Wu was still dissatisfied with this kind of speed, therefore she frowned slightly.

These wolves were also had quite a temper. Were they able to watch unfeelingly as their own kind was killed? Of course not!

Thereupon, wave after wave of Black Luminary Wolves advanced!

Only twenty wolves could stand around Feng Wu at a time?

No problem, just fill-in whenever one dies. Each time one died, fill-in with another one……thus, there were always twenty Black Luminary Wolves around Feng Wu!

They were energetic and vigorous, they were ferocious and murderous!

Indeed, there inevitably would be a time when Feng Wu would be exhausted.

After she'd continuously killed five hundred wolves, Feng Wu finally became aware of her exhaustion. Her mind was incredibly excited, however, her body's strength gradually could no longer endure.

The Black Luminary Wolves were too sensitive!

As soon as Feng Wu's speed reduced by the slightest bit, they keenly sensed it, their pair of serenely cold gaze fixed on Feng Wu, as if they were staring at a dead person.

A cold smile hung on the corners of Feng Wu's mouth. She was only at a distance of twenty meters away from the safety circle. Therefore, what's there to be worried about?

"Fiery Flaming Sword's fourth move, Moon and Stars Clash."

Puchi puchi puchi!

The point of Feng Wu's sword became lighter and seemed as if it was a writing brush
dipped full of ink as it softly moved over fine writing paper——

The tip of Feng Wu's sword pointed and the space between the brows of three Black Luminary Wolves in a row exploded into three puffs of bloody mists, while their bodies were thrown backwards!

And taking advantage of this opportunity, Feng Wu also flew away after them!

With regards to the current Feng Wu, a twenty meters distance was merely a matter of taking a breath.

When the Black Luminary Wolves finally reacted, Feng Wu already entered inside the safety circle.

Beautiful Mother rushed over and threw herself at Feng Wu. Her tears fell down 'drip drop drip drop'. Apparently, she'd received quite a big scare.

Feng Wu didn't know whether to laugh or cry as she gently caressed her beautiful mother's slender back. "Mother, I'm fine. I haven't sustained any injury. These are all blood of the wolves, not mine."

Beautiful Mother looked at the blood on Feng Wu's body and closed her eyes as she fell backwards.

Feng Wu. "……"

And she was just thinking, her beautiful mother had always been afraid of blood, why hadn't she fainted just now. It turned out that she was so worried that she forgot to faint.

Feng Wu also couldn't help but carry Beautiful Mother and deliver her to Qiu Ling. "Beautiful Mother was too stressed, it's also good to let her rest for a period of time. Take good care of her. Don't let her catch a cold."

Qiu Ling nodded fervently.

Feng Wu knew that time was pressing. After she finished making arrangements, she then sat down cross-legged and immediately entered a state of inward focus.

After the battle, Feng Wu could clearly feel fiery spirit power pouring into her dantian and the original ripples in her dantian started colliding fiercely, tzzz tzzz tzzz——

Golden liquid was condensed at a speed that was multiple times faster than before!

One ought to know, during the first to third levels, the dantian was simple and plain, therefore the speed of advancement to the next level could be very quick. However, from the fourth level onward, the speed of advancement would clearly slow down, otherwise, Fairy Mu Yao and Feng Liu, these two people, why would they only be a level five Spirit Master even now?

Feng Wu closed her eyes and conscientiously condensed the golden liquid. Drop by drop, it accumulated.

The spirit power wandered in a circle inside her body. Feng Wu then perceived that her originally exhausted body again recovered to peak condition.

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