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Chapter 159: Use Them For Practice!

Feng Wu looked at these wolves as the her corners of her mouth curved into a slight arc. It's good that they came!

Because without the effect of actual combat, she wouldn't be able to continue to advance once she'd become a level four Spirit Master. There were currently so many Black Luminary Wolves to help her train, this matter simply made her beyond happy.

Thereupon, Feng Wu turned her head and said to Qiu Ling. "Take good care of the Second Madam and Uncle Qiu."

Qiu Ling gazed towards Feng Wu in confusion. "Then My Lady, how about you……"

However, she hadn't finished speaking before she saw Feng Wu lift the Fiery Flaming Sword in her hand and charge at the voracious eyes of the Black Luminary Wolf pack.

Seeing this scene before her, Qiu Ling nearly shrieked out loud!

It wasn't merely Qiu Ling, other people also became stunned and forgot to react!

With much difficulty, they'd obtained a little bit of safety, yet Feng Wu unexpectedly charged into danger all by herself. Was she courting death?

The Black Luminary Wolf pack saw that Feng Wu surprisingly dared to take the initiative to jump out of the safety circle. Immediately, one after another Black Luminary Wolf all turned to strike at Feng Wu.

"Fiery Flaming Sword's first move, Killing Moon and Stars!"

Fiery Flaming sword play was taught by Master in those days. Moreover, at that time, her master led her to ask the most skilled armament master to actually forge the Fiery Flaming Sword based on Feng Wu's unique characteristics.

Once Killing Moon and Stars was released, a sword light streaked in an arc, puchi!

A Black Luminary Wolf was thrown up high by Feng Wu and flew into the air. When it fell to the ground again, its entire belly was cut open with a slash half of a meter long. All of its internal organs 'pitter patter' sprinkled down like rain.

When it fell to the ground with a 'thump', that huge body was already dead long before.

Once Feng Wu released this move, it immediately startled those Black Luminary Wolves.

However, Black Luminary Wolves deserved to be a species born for battle, even among wolves!

That pungent smell of blood stirred up the wild wolf nature within their bodies.

"Awoo~~" A distant wolf howl sounded.

Suddenly, ten Black Luminary Wolves located closest in distance to Feng Wu all turned towards her and directly threw themselves at her!

"Good that you've come!" A faint cold smile hung on the corners of Feng Wu's mouth, following which a voice burst from her mouth. "Fiery Flaming Sword's second move, Moon and Stars On Fire!"

The Fiery Flaming Sword instantly shot forth a scarlet red blaze!

The red blaze was the same as a dazzling corona as it surrounded ten Black Luminary Wolves in a flash.

Woosh woosh woosh!

Sword light flashed, human and wolf intertwined!

Within the safety circle, Qiu Ling's group was so nervous that both their hands covered their mouths as they didn't dare to cry out in alarm. They didn't dare to blink even more!

So much so that they held their breaths in rapt attention and didn't dare to breathe.

Their entire bodies were frozen, incredibly tensed.

They were deeply afraid that a single wrong move and Feng Wu would be bitten until not a shred remained!

Heavens, so many wolves……

However, just as the second move, Moon and Stars On Fire, faded, those ten Black Luminary Wolves already laid on the ground quietly, without sound or movement, dead as a doornail.

The sword tip of Feng Wu's Fiery Flaming Sword pointed down at the ground, 'drip drop drip drop' blood dripped down.

The surrounding Black Luminary Wolves saw Feng Wu's gaze and slightly changed somewhat.

These Black Luminary Wolves were the ones which encircled Feng Wu inside Icebound Forest last time. At that time, they personally saw that this little girl's strength was certainly not anything much…….how did it suddenly become so ferocious now?

"Come again!" The point of Feng Wu's Fiery Flaming Sword pointed straight at the Black Luminary Wolves.

Would the wolves be afraid? The corners of their mouths opened into a ruthless and bloody cold smile!

This time, a total of twenty approached.

Feng Wu sounded a cold laugh. "Fiery Flaming Sword's third move, Moon and Stars Destroyed."

Sword light flashed!

Silhouettes intertwined!

Feng Wu battled these twenty Black Luminary Wolves slowly. She wasn't impatient in killing them at all. Rather, she was aiming for precision.

Feng Wu understood very well that this large number of Black Luminary Wolves couldn't be completely exterminated by her, and the only reason she was staying here was so she could use them for practice.

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