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Chapter 158: They Came At Just The Right Time!

The start and the outcome missed each other by only one second.

But it's this one second that made the Feng Liu brother and sister duo filled with useless regret in the not so distant future!

Feng Wu lifted the Fiery Flame Sword and charged out of the carriage. The first thing she did wasn't to kill the Black Luminary Wolves. Rather, she took out a bottle of repellant compound from her Dragon Phoenix Ring's space of holding!

Previously, when she was inside Icebound Forest, Feng Wu relied on precisely this repelling chemical to play with Fairy Mu Yao and had her run in circles. If at this time, Feng Xun and company were to see this scene, they'd undoubtedly suspect Feng Wu.

But too bad, they're not here.

Feng Wu took the repellant in her hand and spread it around with the horse carriages at the center. She drew a circle with a ten meter radius.

Inside the ten meter radius, the Black Luminary Wolves smelled this odor that could be said to be deadly to them and they immediately sunk into a jittery and uneasy state as they rapidly fell back. Back, back, back. They continually retreated into the outer circle.

Qiu Ling and company opened their eyes wide as they watched the scene before them!

"Fifth Lady, this, this, just like this and they've really become helpless?" The expression of ecstasy appeared in Qiu Ling's eyes!

Qiu Ling originally thought that this time around, it would be the end of everyone, but the result was that their lady fished out a bottle of blackish compound. Right within the thickly dotted Black Luminary Wolves, there was a circular area of safety.

Feng Wu still hadn't spoken when she heard a scream transmitted from not far away!

It's Uncle Qiu!

Feng Wu didn't have time to think much as she at once told Qiu Ling. "You guys wait inside the horse carriage and don't move. I'll be back soon!"

Finished speaking, Feng Wu lifted the Fiery Flame Sword and charged explosively to the location that Uncle Qiu was at.

"The first move from the Fiery Flaming Sword, Killing Moon and Stars!"

Even though Feng Wu only had the cultivation of a level four Spirit Master, her body was light and her speed was quick. Once Killing Moon and Stars was released, the head of the Black Luminary Wolf which was in the middle of biting at Uncle Qiu's throat was chopped in half at once!

Actually, these Black Luminary Wolves were also truly fierce!

Even though it's skull had been chopped in half, its two long fangs still inserted themselves into the nape of Uncle Qiu's neck. The light produced under the moon was horrifying and coldly ancient.

Uncle Qiu turned his head around and looked at Feng Wu as his eyes contracted violently. "Fifth Lady! Hurry and run! Run quickly! I don't regret dying. Don't waste time in order to save me. Hurry and run!"

Feng Wu saw the both Uncle Qiu's face and head was covered in blood. She knew that his injury was critical and he wouldn't be able to hold up much longer. At once, she scattered the last half of the bottle of repellant compound into the air!

That the Black Luminary Wolf pack was scared of the most was this repellent compound. After they smelled this odor, these originally aggressive and hungry wolves retreated one after another.

Feng Wu took advantage of this opportunity to grab Uncle Qiu's arm and pulled him a few times to dodge between the wolves and entered inside the safe circle.

Nanny Zhao and Uncle Qiu were a married couple. Seeing Uncle Qiu's whole body covered in blood, her eyes nearly blacked out and she nearly fainted.

Feng Wu handed a bottle of white medicine and red pills to Nanny Zhao. "The white one to clean the wounds, the red one to take orally. Hurry!"

"OK!" How could Nanny Zhao have the time to go and faint? She quickly cleaned Uncle Qiu and gave him the pill according to Feng Wu's instructions.

And at this time, Feng Wu's cold gaze directly watched the Black Luminary Wolves outside of the safety circle.

The situation this time was somewhat different than last time.

Last time, because Jun Lin Yuan was there, with his unparalleled strength, the repellent compound wasn't needed for the Black Luminary Wolves to retreat.

However, this time, these Black Luminary Wolves had been stopped outside of the repellent compound, but they eyed their prey covetously as they stared at Feng Wu's group of people inside the circle.

They didn't dare to enter, but also wasn't willing to leave. Therefore, they guarded in place.

The corners of Feng Wu's mouth curved into a cold sneer.

Did they think she was easy to bully? She just happened to need some actual combat. These Black Luminary Wolves came just at the right time!

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