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Chapter 157: Rejoicing In Other People's Misfortune

They'd win as long as he's killed, hence, several hundred Black Luminary Wolves besieged Uncle Qiu!

At this moment, Feng Wu was in the middle of conscientiously cultivating and had entered her inner consciousness, so she wasn't aware of these things that were happening at all.

However, at this moment, she still knit her brows. The golden liquid had already almost filled up her dantian, but she had no way of circulating it through her meridians.

Therefore, she wanted to advance into a level five Spirit Master in one stretch, but wasn't able to do it.

Feng Wu thoroughly understood that cultivation and actual combat went hand in hand. Feng Wu was able to advance in one stretch to a level four Spirit Master without actual combat. That was only possible due to her astonishing innate talent.

Therefore, following this, she still needed to find people for some more actual combat……Feng Wu was a bit regretful as she let out a sigh.

She came out of her cultivation state of mind, then opened her eyes when she saw Qiu Ling cry out in alarm as Qiu Ling threw herself on her body and pressed her beneath Qiu Ling's body. Then, from the front of the carriage, a huge and strong Black Luminary Wolf stretched half of its body inside the carriage!

Once she saw this, Feng Wu's brows immediately creased.

She didn't have any time to think much as she drew the Fiery Flaming Sword that she used to use from the Dragon Phoenix Ring space, aimed at the Black Luminary Wolf's opened bloody mouth and directly stabbed out!


This Black Luminary Wolf immediately flew out due to the thrust from Feng Wu's sword as it spurt a mouthful of blood.

"It's alright now. It's going to be fine." Feng Wu patted Qiu Ling's head.

This girl really wasn't afraid of death. Just when the Black Luminary Wolf threw itself at her, this girl recklessly charged over to block in front of her…….if she said that she wasn't touched, it'd be a lie.

"My Lady, you're awake? Boo hoo hoo, there are so many Black Luminary Wolves. What're we going to do? What can we do?" Inside the carriage, Qiu Ling continually lost her head out of fear. There was also Nanny Zhao and Beautiful Mother.

Feng Wu didn't have time to think much and only left behind one sentence. "They came just at the right time!"

Came just at the right time? Qiu Ling was dumbstruck, everybody was going to die soon, yet the young lady surprisingly said that they came at the right time?

And prior to that, at the summit.

The two horses stood side by side, a young man and young lady could be distinguished on horseback.

The young lady's rear view was slender and slim. The young man's rear view was thick, broad, and powerful. These two people were Feng Liu and Feng Yi Ran, the two brother and sister.

Feng Liu watched as the carriages inside of Death Canyon were surrounded. The corners of her mouth curved into a cold sneer. "This time, can Feng Wu still escape from being sent to heaven? Then let me completely gnaw clean the grass from Death Canyon!"

Feng Yi Ran watched the battle attentively, his gaze aloof and immeasurable. He stared at Feng Liu. "Are you satisfied now?"

Feng Liu complacently raised her brows and replied. "Of course! Who does Feng Wu think she is? She's just useless waste, that's all. Surprisingly, she dared to be domineering in front of us. She should be aware of the price of her own actions! She should've died five years ago. She's already profited from living five more years."

A faintly smiling expression appeared in Feng Yi Ran's eyes. "You've lived in Feng Wu's shadow ever since you were small. If her death can liberate your true self, then she also must die for that purpose."

Feng Liu laughed complacently as she again turned to look at Uncle Qiu. "It's just too bad for Uncle Qiu. During that time, if he didn't insist on following Feng Wu and leaving for Northern Territory City, how can his strength only be the way it is right now?"

Not only Uncle Qiu, there's also Nanny Zhao, Qiu Ling……these few people determined to follow Feng Wu, what good ending could they have?

"Let's go." Feng Yi Ran saw the Black Luminary Wolves surround the carriage as he raised the reins to take the lead in turning the horse' head around and leave.

Feng Liu originally wanted to watch the scene of Feng Wu's blood splashing on sight, however, seeing that her Eldest Brother was leaving, she also urged her horse to catch up……

But just as Feng Yi Ran and Feng Liu urged their horses to leave and just when they disappeared from the summit, Feng Wu opened her eyes. Her right hand held a sword and charged out of the carriage!

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