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Chapter 153: How Could She Not Be Strong?

At that place, there were people who coveted her younger brother's Black Spirit Body's blood!

At that place, there were people who coveted her beautiful mother's appearance!

At that place, there were people who wanted to destroy her True Phoenix Blood!

At that place, there were people who caused her master to be in a coma!

How could she not be strong? How's it possible not to be strong?

Feng Wu inhaled deeply as the horse carriage swayed gently and sat cross-legged. Very quickly, she entered a state of enlightenment.

Yesterday, she already reached the strength of a level three spirit master. Feng Wu wanted to try and see if she could reach a higher level today.

She inhaled deeply. Immediately, the spiritual qi in the surrounding areas automatically charged towards her side.

In the space between Feng Wu's eyebrows, slightly red rays of lights faintly burst forth from the Divine Phoenix Blood that her master granted her.

One, then two, then three rays of light appeared, revolving around the Divine Phoenix Blood into three rings, just like the growth rings of a tree.

Feng Wu's body was enveloped by boundless spiritual qi. There wasn't any place around her body that these spiritual qi didn't enter, as they continually entered inside Feng Wu's body.

The fiery spiritual force collided with the ripples inside Feng Wu's dantian, producing flashes 'tzzz tzzz tzzz', just like lightning from the skies.

Following the collision of the two forces, drop by drop of golden liquid tumbled down into Feng Wu's dantian.

Drip, drip, drip——

All of Feng Wu's attention was focused on the liquified drops of golden fluid, because she understood more than anybody else that only by condensing the golden liquid in her dantian would she be able to advance into a level four spirit master.

The road she'd yet to travel was still very long, and she'd barely gotten started.

The process of condensing the golden liquid was a very long, dry and dull.

Moreover, it was a painful and torturous process.

Each drop of golden liquid was produced by the collision of the fiery spirit force and the ripples in her dantian. Each time they collided, the pain was at minimum like being stabbed by a dagger.

However, Feng Wu's expression was calm and unmoving, except for the soybean sized beads of sweat which rolled down.

Inside her dantian, which originally didn't contain a single drop of golden liquid, there was now one fourth, then two fourths, then three fourths……

The clothes on Feng Wu's body were drenched. Her entire body almost seemed like it was fished out of the water.

And at this moment, from inside the procession of carriages at the front, Feng Liu waved to Feng Yi Ran, who was on horseback.

Feng Yi Ran knit his brows, but he still urged his horse forward. Before he could ask, Feng Liu said. "Elder Brother, there's a very important matter that I want to discuss with you right now, immediately, at once!"

"What?" Feng Yi Ran's dense brows creased.

"It has to do with Feng Wu." Feng Liu lowered her voice.

Feng Yi Ran thought about it and finally still jumped into the carriage from his horse' back. "Hurry and speak."

After all, a brother and sister sitting in the same horse carriage wasn't anything good, if was made known to others.

"Elder Brother——" Feng Liu's hands were wrapped around her knees. She lifted up her face and turned towards Feng Yi Ran's gaze while her eyes shined. "In your opinion, is Feng Wu's return to the capital of any benefit to us?"

"What are you thinking of again?" Feng Yi Ran didn't reply, but asked instead.

Feng Liu brought forth the matters she just thought about while journeying and replied. "Elder Brother, I feel that allowing Feng Wu to return alive can only harm us. Elder Brother, do you truly feel that Feng Wu won't vie for the position of clan head against you?"

Without waiting for Feng Yi Ran to reply, Feng Liu then laughed coldly. "Elder Brother, you shouldn't forget, even though Feng Wu doesn't have any strength, she still has the biggest weapon, and that is that face of hers!"

Feng Liu continued to incite disharmony. "That face of hers is adored by Young Prince Feng. You also saw it, Young Prince Feng fawned on her in all sorts of ways and even chases after her. If Young Prince Feng takes her for his concubine, under the influence of winds blowing on the pillow (pillow talk), when the moment comes——"

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