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Chapter 152: The Capital Is A Place Brimming With Maelstroms and Danger

If it wasn't for Eldest Brother cultivating very early in the morning and needed to be undisturbed, Feng Liu would've already urged him early on to join Crown Prince Jun on their return journey to the capital.

Feng Wu didn't bring many people in entering the capital this time.

She only brought her personal maid, Qiu Ling.

Beautiful Mother only brought one person by her side, Nanny Zhao.

Besides that, there was also a butler guard who Feng Wu was used to, Uncle Qiu.

During these years, the things that Feng Wu needed had all been placed inside the Dragon Phoenix ring space. Therefore, there wasn't much for Feng Wu to pack up, however, Beautiful Mother packed one trunk of clothes after another, so much that Feng Wu's eyes were about to pop.

"So much stuff——" Nanny Zhao watched as Feng Wu came over, as if she saw a savior. She quickly spoke not knowing whether to laugh or cry. "The Second Madam said that these clothes and jewelry all needed to be brought to the capital, however……how can these be brought there?"

There are at least nineteen eaglewood large trunks worth here.

Beautiful Mother bit her lower lip and miserably gazed at Feng Wu. She couldn't bear to part with any of these beautiful clothes.

"……I personally made these……" Beautiful Mother's eyes were clear and innocent, sparkling like a little deer's, provoking an especially tender feeling towards her.

Feng Wu's heart suddenly soften. "Alright, alright, bring them, bring all of them."

"Mn!" Beautiful Mother's fair and delicate face immediately turned from grief into happiness, glittering like a blazing sun shining on the morning dew.

The corners of Nanny Zhao's mouth twitched slightly. "……" Traveling outside, how could it be convenient to bring so much baggage? She'd really never seen someone pamper their mother the way the Fifth Lady did.

Watching one big trunk after another being moved out, Feng Liu and Feng Yi Ran glanced at one another. "……"

They didn't didn't think that in these short five years, Feng had actually collected so much wealth in Northern Territory City. Heh, after they'd been delivered to the capital……ha ha ha!

How could Feng Liu know that these trunks didn't contain money or valuables, instead, they're merey Feng Wu's mother's clothes and accessories?

Under Feng Liu's constant urging, a group of people finally sat in their respective horse carriages and started their journey to the imperial capital.

Feng Yi Ran and Feng Liu's carriage was at the very front. The guards they brought followed after them.

Feng Wu and those people who came from the Old Feng residence followed behind the guards.

In other words, the people Feng Yi Ran brought along would only protect them. They wouldn't even spare a side glance that the people with Feng Wu.

Originally, Feng Wu was going to ride in a carriage by herself so that it'd be convenient for her to cultivate during the journey. However, right now, she changed her mind.

"Mother and I will be in one carriage. Qiu Ling, you and Nanny Zhao sit behind us." Feng Wu instructed.

Very quickly, the Feng clan's entourage set off.

Feng Wu's carriage was especially custom made for Beautiful Mother's benefit. Because it was made to be especially shockproof, the ride in the carriage felt very comfortable. There wasn't any of the kind of rocking or shaking that was present in other carriages.

There were hidden compartments everywhere inside.

Feng Wu lowered a tabletop from a wall of the carriage, and displayed delicacies and fresh water on it. She even helped her mother arrange a few small embroidery items and smilingly coaxed her. "During the time period after this, I'm going to cultivate and won't have time to accompany you. Mother, can you take good care of yourself?"

Even though her beautiful mother's IQ stayed somewhere at a child's level, she still knew that cultivating was a very, very important matter. Thereupon, she 'mn'd once and nodded fervently. "Little Wu is indeed very very awesome."

"Mn, Little Wu is very, very awesome, so I can protect Beautiful Mother." Feng Wu smiled as she stroked her mother's hair.

Her other hand was hidden inside her sleeve as it clenched firmly into a fist.

The capital was a place brimming with maelstrom and danger

In that place——

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