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Chapter 154: Was Abandoned

Feng Xun certainly wasn't all alone. The person behind him was Crown Prince Jun!

Feng Yi Ran recalled the things that happened previously within the Feng clan and couldn't help but admit that this sixth younger sister still had some brains. She was right.

Feng Liu observed Feng Yi Ran's expressions and saw him frown. She knew then that Feng Yi Ran had been swayed.

Thereupon, she clenched her fists again and seized the opportunity to say. "Eldest Brother, do you think that there'll be a day when you and Feng Wu's relationship will turn around?"

Feng Yi Ran straightforwardly shook his head. In order to vie for the position as the clan's successor, in that year, he did something that betrayed Feng Wu and betrayed the Feng clan. After that matter, he and Feng Wu's relationship could no longer be alleviated in this lifetime. If Feng Wu knew of this matter, she'd truly kill him.

Feng Liu continued to drive the wedge. "Moreover, Eldest Brother, you can't not admit that in regards to Feng Wu's beautiful mother, there are no few powerful people who lust after her appearance……if things truly becomes critical, then at that time……"

Feng Yi Ran's brows furrowed more and more deeply. "There's some logic to that."

Within Feng Liu's eyes, there appeared the tinge of elation and excitement. "Therefore, on the road, why don't we……"

Feng Liu made a swiping gesture 'ka' across her neck.

Feng Yi Ran frowned. "Ah Liu, Eldest Brother already taught you before……"

"Yes, Eldest Brother previously taught me that I don't need to move my own hands when killing someone and should borrow other people's hands, right? I've kept it in mind!" Feng Liu lowered her voice and said. "When we were coming here before, didn't we provoke a pack of Black Luminary Wolves……."

Feng Liu muttered a few sentences by the side of Feng Yi Ran's ears, after which, she then turned her face expectantly towards Feng Yi Ran. "Eldest Brother, what do you think? This will be an accident. No one will expect it. Even if at that time Young Prince Feng wants to chase to kill the culprit, he will only be able to follow the leads to the pack of Black Luminary wolves, right?"

Feng Yi Ran shot a glance at Feng Liu. "You've actually made some progress."

"It's thanks to Eldest Brother's good guidance." Feng Liu raised her chin smugly.

"That's good. Then Eldest Brother will watch and see how you'll handle this matter." A cold intention appeared in Feng Yi Ran's eyes.

He originally already made plans to unconditionally prevent Feng Wu from returning to the imperial capital alive. Since Feng Liu wanted to carry this burden now, he'd naturally have no complaints about it.

Feng Liu didn't know that she was being used by someone at all and excitedly accepted this task. She signalled to her personal maid, Cai Yue.

The plot against Feng Wu was quietly being set up.

Feng Liu also didn't immediately execute her plan, because she needed to wait until the time was right, when all three conditions were met.

They'd been on the road for seven or eight days. On this day, the sky gradually darkened. When the darkness was about to descend, Feng Liu finally erupted!

She jumped out of her horse carriage, rode a horse and charged behind Feng Wu's group. The black whip in her hand ferociously struck and whipped at the wall of Feng Wu's carriage!


The carriage staggered for a time and was nearly overturned.

Beautiful Mother was feeling hungry, but the sound of this whip nearly scared her out of her wits!

Feng Liu's angry voice transmitted. "Why are you guys moving so slowly! Don't you know that we're short on time!"

Due to the fact that Feng Wu withdrew all five senses to cultivate, she didn't hear Feng Liu's voice.

Her beautiful mother was so scared her eyes opened wide and basically forgot to react.

Feng Liu's whip lashed out again, as it struck the body of Uncle Qiu, who was driving the carriage. Her sound of her cold laughter continued to carry over. "Since you guys are so slow, then just take it easy! We're doing to move forward first!"

After she spoke, Feng Liu then retrieved her whip while urging her horse to return.

In merely a moment of time, Beautiful Mother heard the sounds of horses hooves in the distance.

Uncle Qiu saw the silhouettes of the procession shrinking in the front and immediately became alarmed as he waved and shouted. "Wait up, you guys! Wait for us!"

However, those people acted as if they didn't hear him as even their shadows disappeared very quickly.

Alarm appeared on Uncle Qiu's face. "We're currently at Death Canyon. How can this be good? ! Death Canyon … moreover it's approaching night ……"

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