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Chapter 142: Feng Wu's Heart Was Collapsing……

Feng Wu thought to herself. Who says she won't be able to level up? She could already cultivate. Moreover, she already fused with master's divine phoenix blood. What she'd be like in the future truly wasn't something that other people could assess casually!

"So?" Feng Wu was all smiles as she looked towards him.

"So, do you want to enter our family as a kitchen lady? Our Feng Prince Mansion's doors will forever be wide open for you, and we'll place you under our protection." Young Prince Feng was all smiles as he spoke.

Feng Wu rolled her eyes.

Feng Xun settled for the next best thing. "Jeez, don't you roll your eyes. You're looking down on the position of our family's kitchen lady, right? It doesn't matter. How about the position of Boss Jun's little kitchen lady, then?" Feng Xun was immensely proud of himself as he thought that Feng Wu would agree for sure, because she liked Boss Jun. Wasn't it so obvious that she liked him?

Feng Wu again rolled her eyes. "Imagining the craziest things!"

"What do you mean imagining the craziest things? You aren't entertaining the hope that you can become the crown prince's consort in this lifetime, are you? The future 'Mother of the World' , no?" Feng Xun stared at Feng Wu as if he could hardly believe it. "You're the one who's imagining the craziest things, alright? In which administration from which dynasty had the Empress been a cripple?"

Feng Wu felt that if she was but a bit more narrow-minded, she would've died of anger from Feng Xun's words by now. Feng Wu could only glare at Feng Xun.

"Can it be that what I'm saying isn't the truth?" Feng Xun couldn't make heads or tails of why he'd been glared at.

Feng Wu uttered a cold laugh. "Who says that I can't cultivate? I'm telling you, I'll be a level one Spirit Master tomorrow!"

"Pfff pfff——" After he heard what was said, Feng Xun burst out laughing as he slapped Feng Wu's shoulder. "Okay okay, don't say random stuff out of anger, you truly won't be able to cultivate in this lifetime. Child, the connection between you and spirit qi has been broken already."

Feng Wu smiled coldly. "If I become a level one spirit master tomorrow, what're you going to do?"

At the time that Feng Wu refined the medicinal pill, even Old Man Ba knew that she was refining the Nine Reversal Spirit Pill. Even if he knew, he still wouldn't know that the Immortal Spirit Fruit's spirit essence was needed to refine it.

Therefore, if she could cultivate, it still wouldn't necessarily be related to the Immortal Spirit Fruit's theft.

"If you become a level one Spirit Master tomorrow, I'll give you whatever you want!" Feng Xun beat his chest and made a pledge.

"You said it."

"I said it."

"A gentleman's word——"

"Is kept without regret——"

Feng Wu turned around and was going to leave, but just at this time, Feng Xun reached out his hand towards her. "These clothes. Let me help you carry them."

"No need!" Feng Wu rejected loudly.

Feng Xun massaged his ears. Girl, your sharp voice nearly made my ears deaf.

"If there's no need, then there's no need, yelling so loudly——inside these clothes of yours, there shouldn't be any secret, right?" Feng Xun inquisitively stared at the clothes in Feng Wu's embrace. A tinge of inquisitiveness appeared within that pair of distinct and clear eyes.

Feng Wu inhaled deeply, need to stay calm, must be cool-headed.

She hadn't thought of an excuse when the interior door opened.

"Fifth Lady——"

Beautiful Mother's elderly personal servant, Nanny Zhao, glanced at the clothes in Feng Wu's embrace and asked. "What's up with those?"

An idea suddenly occurred upon Feng Wu. "Just now, the wind blew these to the ground. They're covered with dirt now, therefore, I plan on carrying them back to be washed again."

Nanny Zhao hurried outside and stretched out her hand as she said. "It's most important for the fifth lady to keep the guests company. Please allow this old servant to take care of the matter of washing things. Fifth Lady, hurry and give me the dirty clothes."

Actually, Feng Wu could give the clothes to Nanny Zhao, however, if Nanny Zhao were to shake the clothes open……then she'd truly be screwed!

Therefore, Feng Wu smiled and declined. "Nanny Zhao, you're usually very busy, especially when serving Mother, and all the various tasks…it's so tiring. These clothes were knocked to the ground by me, therefore, it's fine for me to just wash them." Feng Wu's heart was collapsing……

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