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Chapter 143: Finally Started to Cultivate!

Granted that Feng Xun already got in her way several times, now, even Nanny Zhao came to get in her way……hell, were there any good people left?

Feng Wu was afraid that Nanny Zhao would say something more, so she quickly changed the subject. "That's right, where's Mother, why don't I see her?"

"Fifth Lady, have you forgotten? Everyday, the Second Madam would take an afternoon nap for two hours before waking." Nanny Zhao smiled as she said. "Since the lady already wants to wash them, then this old servant won't bother with them anymore."

"Nanny Zhao, hurry along, hurry along——" Feng Wu embraced the dress and retreated. With a 'swoosh' she immediately ran far away.

Feng Xun tilted his head, a hint of suspicion appeared in his eyes. He didn't know why he had felt that Feng Wu's actions were a bit abnormal, but he couldn't figure out what was abnormal about them.

After she returned to her room, Feng Wu closed the door with a bang and looked at those clothes in her hand before she exhaled a long breath……

After she breathed in a few deep breaths, Feng Wu then sat crossed-legged on her bed, her hands placed on her knees, appearing focused and emotionless.

After her mind had been emptied of any distracting thoughts, her pair of clear, penetrating eyes finally closed tightly.

Feng Wu focused on her dantian. That place was formerly deserted and wasted, like land that's been devoid of any moisture, chapped, cracked, and ruined, with densely packed cracks shaped like spider webs.

Feng Wu directed the spirit qi inside the Nine Reversal Spirit Pill to go and moisten those chapped, cracked, and ruined areas, which were restored at a speed visible to the naked eye……

Time slowly flowed.

Feng Wu focused her attention on what was going on inside her, completely ignorant of what was happening outside.

Her dantian was already completely restored, however, Feng Wu could feel that the spirit qi around her were concentrated on entering her body. What's she waiting for, if she didn't cultivate now?

At this moment, Feng Wu's dantian had already been restored, and was just like a wave forming circles as it rippled.

A huge fiery spirit force rushed inside Feng Wu's body and continually ignited this wave!

The watery flames originally didn't appear melted.

However, because spirit force was there to serve as the intermediary, as a result, each fiery wave of spirit force which was ignited all liquefied into drops of golden fluid.

Feng Wu's dantian, was like a fine porcelain bottle.

A small one, only as small as a pinkie finger.

Drip drip, drop drop——

The golden liquid resembled the rainwater which was collecting after the rain stopped. Drop by drop they fell, so much so that Feng Wu could clearly hear the sound distinctly.

Because her dantian was only as big as her pinkie finger, it became full very quickly. Golden liquid began to overfill.

Just at this time, a boom sounded.

That pinkie sized dantian rocked violently!

Those golden drops of liquid lined up, just like a dragon swimming through the hundred bones of Feng Wu's four limbs.

As they wandered and arrived at the space between Feng Wu's eyebrows, where the divine phoenix blood resided, the golden liquid was purified even more!

With each distance that it wandered, this string of golden liquid which formed the golden swimming dragon became a bit shorter. It became shorter and shorter as it traveled, but the meridians inside Feng Wu's body shined faintly golden.

After the it wandered for a full circle, the golden liquid had already disappeared without a trace, because all of it had been absorbed into Feng Wu's body.

The originally pinkie-sized dantian became a little bigger than before.

A faintly smiling expression appeared on Feng Wu's face.

As expected, not merely a level Spirit Master.

When her dantian changed just now, Feng Wu knew right away that she already became a level two Spirit Master.

However, the fiery spirit force and the ripples in her dantian were still continually condensing into the golden liquid. In other words, this time, Feng Wu won't be stopping as a level two Spirit Master.

The golden liquid continually condensed, accumulated, and rose. Finally, under Feng Wu's control, sure enough, it was transformed again into a small golden dragon which followed along Feng Wu's meridians and blood vessels and circulated around again.

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