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Chapter 141: Do You Think I'd Be Threatened By Her?

"Fine fine fine, I said it, I personally said it. Satisfied, now?" Feng Wu was quite impatient.

"Humph. Doesn't matter if you mean it or not, in any case, I'll take those words seriously. In the future, if……humph!" After having obtained the answer she was satisfied with, Feng Liu complacently turned and left.

Feng Wu turned and took a few steps towards the clothes drying in the air. Suddenly, Feng Liu fiercely turned around and glared at Feng Wu!

Feng Wu's heart again constricted——she truly felt that if this continued, she'd soon be forced to develop heart disease.

"You're the one who personally said that you don't like Crown Prince Jun!" Feng Liu glared at Feng Wu again.

Feng Wu took in a deep breath, and helplessly looked at her and nodded while she pushed her out. "Yes yes yes, I personally said it. I don't like Crown Prince Jun. Is that satisfactory this time?" After she spoke, Feng Wu immediately pushed Feng Liu out of the courtyard, closed the door, and flipped the lock in one breath. After that, Feng Wu quickly rushed towards the stands of clothes drying in the air!

She had to hurry!

This was incriminating evidence!

However, just as Feng Wu's hand touched the dress, a 'bang' sounded. The door was bumped open again.

"Again, what do you——" Feng Wu turned around in anger to see that it was actually Feng Xun and their group of people.

In a split second, Feng Wu only felt the blood in her entire body rush into her brain and blanked out……her slim body was as stiff as a statue!

Damn damn damn……it's Feng Xun and company!

This time, she's truly going to be caught red handed!

However, as a secret agent in her previous incarnation, Feng Wu naturally was extraordinarily composed. She took in a deep breath. Not good, she'd just barely retrieved her dress from the air. Thereupon, she casually pulled an outer garment drying on the bamboo rack and wrapped her dress inside of it.

When she carried out these movements, she felt nervous. However, her face didn't reflect her heart's panic nor did her breathing change from annoyance. Her hands didn't tremble and were exceedingly steady.

In this way, at least from the outside, that critical item, the dress, couldn't be seen.

"What're you doing?" Feng Xun ran up inquisitively. "Why'd you turn around once you saw me. Do you dislike me a lot?"

Feng Wu thought to herself. [If I said that I disliked you, would you turn around and leave?] Obviously, Feng Xun wouldn't leave, he would stick to her and ask countless 'why' questions, until she became dizzy with them.

Feng Wu laughed unenthusiastically. "Collecting clothes. That's right, why did you guys return so soon? Not searching anymore?"

Feng Xun harrumphed softly. "That ugly girl's already done farting. No good finding her."

Feng Wu nodded. "Also true. When you had those clues previously, you couldn't find her. Now that there are no more hints, it's even harder to find her. You guys also worked hard all day today, hurry go in and rest. I'm also leaving." Feng Wu couldn't wait to slip away as quickly as possible.

However, Feng Xun grabbed onto her shoulders. "Feng Wu, what's going on with you? Why're you leaving the moment you see us? Just now, when we came over here, we saw Feng Liu leave in an aggressive manner. Did she cause you to suffer grievances? Or threaten you in any way?"

Feng Wu wasn't in a good mood as she said. "Do you feel that I'd be threatened by her?"

Once he thought about it, Feng Xun felt that it's true. Even though this girl was crippled and no longer possessed spiritual qi, however, she had plenty of crafty ideas. Furthermore, even Feng Liu was afraid of that imposing manner of hers.

"True, you're not afraid of Feng Liu right now, but have you thought about what's called 'life is long'? It's impossible for your strength to improve anymore. However, although Feng Liu is currently a fifth level Spirit Master, she can level up in the future, level up continually. In the future, when she beats you, it'd be as easy as killing a little ant."

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