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Chapter 140: I've Never Liked Jun Lin Yuan Before

This glimpse nearly scared Feng Wu to death!

These clothes……

Were the same as the ones she wore when she pretended to be the ugly girl. Exactly the same!

She'd never expected that at the time, for the sake of convenience, she actually made three sets of clothes out of the same patterns and the same colors. She wore them in turns……

And right now, after this dress had been washed cleanly, it hung openly in the rear courtyard like this.

Hung. in. the. rear. courtyard. just. like. this!

If Feng Xun, or anyone else in their group were to pass by and see this, wouldn't they……Feng Wu nearly spit out a mouthful of blood!

Just at this time, a figure bumped into the door and knocked it open, then rolled inside like a gust of wind!

As the door was knocked open, Feng Wu's little heart also 'bathumped' and nearly exploded!

Thump thump thump!

This was the sound of Feng Wu's heart beating at the moment.

If Feng Xun and company found out that she's the ugly girl, then……she recalled the words Feng Xun said previously. He'd cut off the ugly girl's hand and feet, draw out all of her blood, make her life worse than death.

Thinking of this, Feng Wu suddenly shivered.

"Feng Wu!" A sharp and fierce bark sounded behind Feng Wu.

Having heard this voice, Feng Wu's heart that was hung up high finally fell back down a bit. She turned around and glared at Feng Liu coldly.

She must direct Feng Liu's gaze to focus on her body and not have her notice that dress.

However, even before Feng Wu spoke, Feng Liu already glared and loudly announced. "Feng Wu, I'm warning you, Crown Prince Jun is mine! I'm also the person he likes. Don't you wrap yourself around him again, otherwise, I won't take it easy on you!"

Jun Lin Yuan liked Feng Liu? Feng Wu practically wanted to look up at the sky and laugh. If Jun Lin Yuan liked Feng Liu, with that kind of taste, how could he be Jun Lin Yuan?

"Are you sneering at me? !" Feng Liu's gaze was as if two round blazes had been ignited.

"No." Feng Wu actually hadn't forgotten that her goal right now was to have Feng Liu not notice that dress, in addition to making her scram as quickly as possible.

She rigidly stared at Feng Wu. "With regards to today, I only have one question for you."

"Huh?" As she spoke, Feng Wu walked a few steps and moved further and further away from that dress, then pretended to admire the budding purple flowers in the courtyard.

That way, when Feng Liu stared at her, that dress wouldn't be in the background.

Feng Xun's drawing was exceptionally detailed, his painting skills were exquisite. That painting not only drew a carbon copy of the ugly girl, even the dress was also exactly the same.

How could Feng Liu have realized that if only she'd taken another glance, she could've exposed Feng Wu……

However, currently, all of her attention was focused on Feng Wu. Wherever she walked, her gaze would follow.

Seeing how Feng Wu's hands were crossed behind her as she leisurely and contently admired the flowers in the courtyard, a burst of hatred emitted in Feng Liu's eyes.


Why was it that this trash without the slightest bit of spirit qi could have such a happy and calm appearance?

But when she thought of how she was plotted against by this trash, Feng Wu, Feng Liu deeply inhaled then glared unwaveringly at Feng Wu. "I'll only ask you one thing. Answer me honestly. Do you still like Crown Prince Jun?"

Feng Wu was dumbfounded as she shot a glance at Feng Liu. "Still? I've never liked Jun Lin Yuan before. Where did this 'still' come from?"

Therefore, Miss Sixth Feng, could you quickly leave? Feng Wu shot a glance at the dress drying in the sun.

Feng Liu was blind, but that didn't mean that other people also had poor eyesight. If Feng Xun and company happened to return……she truly would be in trouble.

Having heard what was said, excitement appeared in Feng Liu's eyes as she pointed at Feng Wu. "You really said this. I actually didn't force you, you're the one who said that you don't like Crown Prince Jun!"

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