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Chapter 139: She Could Finally Cultivate Now

Feng Wu was very embarrassed……

Jun Lin Yuan was simply not interested in her, ok?

This was basically an imaginary projection of feelings, ok?

Yu Ming Ye harrumphed coldly and didn't bother with Jun Lin Yuan anymore. Instead, he pulled Feng Wu aside and muttered to her. "Let me tell you, this guy, basically look entirely at the face. Feng Wu, your face can cause the fall of a country and will too easily cause people to commit crimes. You need to always be vigilant, don't casually walk together with strangers……"

Feng Wu dumbfoundedly supported her forehead.

She subconsciously turned towards Jun Lin Yuan, but saw his complexion turning darker and darker, darker and darker……could it be……the gorgeous smile that was like a warm sun just now, was only a figment of her imagination?

Feng Wu thought somewhat doubtfully.

Continuing down the road, Feng Wu suddenly discovered a problem.

And that was——had it already been five minutes? However, she still didn't feel like she wanted to ventilate.

Ten minutes……still didn't feel anything.

Twenty minutes…….

Ever since she'd gone from the city gate to the center of center of the city, at the door to City Lord's mansion, Feng Wu had been just fine!

The little person inside Feng Wu's heart put her hands on her hips and laughed her head off. The heavens was indeed helping her.

They came across four divisions of troops at the door to the City Lord's mansion. Feng Xun 'patta patta' ran up and asked when he saw Feng Wu. "Have you not discovered anything on the road here?"

Feng Wu forcibly suppressed the joy in her heart and assumed an anxious expression. "Nothing. We really haven't smelled that special, both fragrant and smelly gas, that you talked about before."

After she spoke, Feng Wu turned her head towards Yu Ming Ye. "Did you smell it?"

Yu Ming Ye furrowed his brows and shook his head while he glared at Feng Xun. "Didn't you say that you'd find her for sure? That you could find her one hundred percent? That everything had been planned and was within the grasp of your hands? What now?"

Feng Wu secretly laughed as she gazed at Feng Xun.

Feng Xun's face was as wrinkly (from frowning) as a bitter melon. He also didn't know why did she suddenly stop ventilating?

Feng Wu laughed 'hee hee' and waved to everybody. "I still need to hurry home. If you guys want to keep looking then take your time."

After she spoke, she waved her hands while she bounced away while she waved her hands. Her fluffy ponytail swayed back and forth extremely youthfully.

This time, Feng Xun didn't yell for Feng Wu to stop and allowed her to run home.

He thought of how the ugly girl previously tricked him, deceived him, hoodwinked him, swindled him, time and time again……he simply couldn't bear it!

"I must capture her! I must!" Feng Xun was so angry that he gnashed his teeth.

Feng Wu ran all the way home, hopping and humming a folk time. Pitiful Elder Brother Feng Xun. If he were to know in the future that she escaped from under his nose, would he be so angry that he spit blood?

Sigh, in any case, he should be used to it already, right? Thinking of this, Feng Wu laughed.

The Immortal Spirit Fruit's essence fluid had been refined into the Nine Reversal Spirit Pill, and the pill had already been consumed. Feng Wu raised her hand to rub her belly. For the last five years, her dantian* had always been quiet. At this moment, a faint warmth was rising.

(*BB: Dantian is the area where qi resides, two inches below the navel.)

The the smiling expression at the corners of Feng Wu's mouth was expanding more and more……

She, could finally cultivate now.

Feng Wu ran towards a wall then vaulted and flew as her right hand supported her body over the top of the wall, followed by a beautiful back flip. Her figure was as light as a swallow's feather as it entered the Feng residence.

Feng Wu made a couple of fists. While Jun Lin Yuan and company wasn't there, she must quickly begin to cultivate. She wanted to at least enter the path of cultivation first and become a level one spirit master.

She wondered if her speed would be much faster than before after she cultivated again this time.

Just as Feng Wu was walking while her imagination ran wild, suddenly, she took a glimpse and saw the clothes hung out to dry in the rear courtyard.

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