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Chapter 138: He Really Didn't Bully You?

This made Feng Wu think of an indigo blue, crystal clear sky; mottled, morning light filtered through a forest; the instant that a snow covered glacier melted——

His appearance, intelligence, temperament, grandeur, skills, strength……in addition to that incomparable, celebrated status, a Jun Lin Yuan like that, how could he not be crazily pursued by girls?

However, that aloof and solemn, apathetic, untalkative, ten thousand years smiless Jun Lin Yuan actually smiled?

Did her sorry figure look so funny? !

Once she regained her senses, Feng Wu became very angry as she glared at Jun Lin Yuan while panting with rage!

But not only was Jun Lin Yuan not angered, the outer corners of his eyes and the tip of his eyebrows even rose a bit more.

Feng Wu. "……"

Feng Wu quickly calmed down. Under the current circumstances, she shouldn't provoke Jun Lin Yuan, and what she should work on the most was to look for an opportunity to escape. Otherwise, once they reached the center of Northern Territory City, she'd truly be screwed.

Thinking of this, Feng Wu covered her pained nose and buzzed. "I'm injured. I'll go home first. You can search for that target on your own. I'll leave first, bye bye to you now~"

However, Feng Wu hadn't even taken two steps when a voice was heard from the distance. "Good god! Feng Wu, you're here. I finally found you!"

Feng Wu's figure instantly became motionless.

Yu Ming Ye……the lingering ghost Yu Ming Ye……couldn't you have delayed yourself for a few more seconds? Feng Wu was simply about to weep. How could it be so difficult for her to leave?

Feng Wu acted as if she didn't hear anything as she let loose her legs and was going to run. However, Yu Ming Ye just grabbed onto her pigtail. "Hey hey hey, I'm right here. Which way are you running to?"

Feng Wu couldn't do anything as she was immediately brought back by Yu Ming Ye.

Simply……infuriating to the extreme.

"What's up with your nose?" Yu Ming Ye saw Feng Wu's dejected expression and eyes brimming with tears, and he frowned at once.

Feng Wu didn't answer him. She let out a long sigh, then very helplessly returned with a question. "Weren't you going on the northern road? Why did you come here? There's already me and Jun Lin Yuan here."

Yu Ming Ye's pair of soulful eyes glared at Feng Wu in a displeased manner, then flicked her forehead. "This conscienceless little girl. Isn't it because I'm worried that Jun Lin Yuan will take advantage of you? It's easiest for things to happen when a single man and single woman travelling together, don't you know that? What a waste for you to be so pretty. How can you not have any sense of self-preservation?"

Feng Wu speechlessly glared at Yu Ming Ye. She really wanted to cover his mouth and prevent him from speaking.

Yu Ming Ye focused on looking at Feng Wu's eyes. Suddenly, his eyes opened wide. "What happened to you? Did you cry? What did Jun Lin Yuan actually do to you? ! As I was saying, he dragged you to travel with him, must be harboring wayward thoughts——"

After he spoke, Yu Ming Ye was going to give a scolding.

Feng Wu simply felt too embarrassed as she hurriedly pulled Yu Ming Ye. "Don't speak. Hold your tongue quickly."

An icily arrogant person like Jun Lin Yuan, how could he harbor wayward thoughts towards her? It's more like he wasn't fond of her at all, alright? Such a fierce approach by Yu Ming Ye made her feel the shame of one sided wishful thinking…if Feng Xun was here, he'd ridicule her for sure.

Yu Ming Ye stared at Feng Wu. "He truly didn't bully you?"

"No no no." Feng Wu very much wanted to say 'the one who's bullying me is you, big brother, can you please let me go?'

Yu Ming Ye mm'd once, then patted his chest and guaranteed. "It's best if he didn't bully you. Don't worry. I'll protect you on this journey. I certainly won't let Jun Lin Yuan succeed on his designs!"

Jun Lin Yuan shot a glance at Yu Ming Ye as if he was looking at an idiot——

(Author's PS: Finished four more chapters. Goodnight, little angels~~~)

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