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Chapter 1359
Chapter 1359: Gongshu Yunruo?!

Instantly, Feng Xun didn’t feel so happy anymore .

Because the terms were that if Feng Wu couldn’t pass the hell level, Feng Xun would have to pay back three times his bet . That was to say, if that happened, Feng Xun wasn’t going to gain any points .

He stretched out one hand to Chaoge . “Who bet so heavily on the hell level? Show me the list!”

After glancing at the list, he asked, “Who the hell is Shu Yunruo?”

Most people on that list had only put in a few thousand points, but Shu Yunruo had put in 400,000!

A handsome teenager stepped out of the crowd and smiled at Feng Xun . “Hello, Brother Feng . ”

“Gongshu Yunruo! It’s you!” Feng Xun rolled his eyes at Shu Yunruo .

Shu Yunruo was the son and official heir to the Gongshu family . For some undisclosed reason, he had changed his name to Shu Yunruo when he came to study at Imperial College .

Immediately, a lot of people stared at him in amazement .

Gongshu Yunruo?


As in the legendary Gongshu family?

“Gongshu?” Xuan Yi glanced at Feng Xun .

Feng Xun nodded . “That’s right . He’s that kid from the Gongshu family . When we visited Taiyuan before, he used to follow us everywhere . ”

Shu Yunruo rubbed his nose in embarrassment .

When Taiyuan and the Gongshu family were mentioned, everyone realized who the teenager was .

This Shu Yunruo was the most important descendant and the first in line to inherit the Gongshu family, one of the nine major clans!

Many girls’ pupils contracted when they heard that, and Leng Hu was no exception!

They had been classmates for so long, but they didn’t know that Shu Yunruo had such a background, which had just turned him into the ideal future husband .

“Didn’t they say that Shu Yunruo is an orphan from some remote mountain?”

“What are you thinking? When was the last time you saw a village boy who looked like that? He totally has that unapproachable look that belongs to the son of an old and well-known family . ”

“What a shame . If I had known earlier, I would have tried to become friends with him…”

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“It’s not like he would actually agree to be your friend . ”


Over on the other side, Feng Xun patted Shu Yunruo on the shoulder and said, “Hey, Brother Yunruo, that’s not very nice . You bet 400,000 points . Are you trying to take away all my winnings?”

Shu Yunruo smiled at Feng Xun . “So, Brother Feng, are you suggesting that I should change my stake?”

Feng Xun asked, “What would you like to change it to?”

“The insane level,” said Shu Yunruo with a smile . “I’d like to bet all my 400,000 on Feng Wu entering the insane level . ”

Feng Xun stared at Shu Yunruo in disbelief .

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“Are you out of your mind?”

He wasn’t the only one who felt that way .

“The insane level? Did Shu Yunruo just say that Feng Wu could get to the insane level?”

“Wow, Shu Yunruo has to be out of his mind . ”

“That’s impossible . There’s no way that Feng Wu can go that far! She’ll never be able to get through the hell level!”

“Why does Shu Yunruo have so much confidence in Feng Wu? Do they know each other well?”

Everyone had their own speculations .

Meanwhile, Feng Xun looked at Shu Yunruo in bewilderment . “Are you sure you want to change it?”

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