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Chapter 1358: 1358

Chapter 1358: An Ideal Future Husband
The Laughing Cuckoos were still guffawing and sneering at Feng Wu when they were ensnared in the net .

Whoosh —

With a swift movement, the net caught all 999 birds .

Outside the Dragon’s Gate, some were excited, some disappointed, and some cried until they collapsed .

“I can’t believe it!”

“This Feng Wu is such a genius!”

“She took something away from the eighth floor and used it on the ninth floor . Is this really her first time taking the challenge?”

Just when everyone thought that Feng Wu was going to rush to the tenth floor, which was the start of the hell level —

Feng Wu stopped .

Not only did she stop, she also turned around and walked up to the net .

A transparent vial was hanging under the net, and it was now filled with that toxic inky liquid .

It was taken from all the Laughing Cuckoos . As for the birds themselves…

The purple vine had already crushed them .

“Gosh! Feng Wu has so much inky liquid now!”

“It’ll be so beneficial for cultivation!”

“After she comes out, I’ll try to buy some from her!”

“Me, too!”

Just then, Qiao Yi spoke in a cold voice .

“Have you forgotten the bet?”

That immediately woke everyone up .

They suddenly realized…

“Ahh —”

“Oh god!”

“I put in 3000 points!”

“I put in 5000!”

“It’s 10,000 for me!”

Despair filled their hearts, and they were all shocked .

Judging by the loud wails, most of the people here had bet on Feng Wu not passing the elite level .

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Every member of Tiger Head looked defeated, except for Leng Hu .

“Aren’t you sad?” They all looked at her .

She glanced at the others and said, “That’s not what I bet on . ”

Gu Honglang said, “Did you bet on her not passing the difficult level?”

Leng Hu rolled her eyes at him . “Do I look like an idiot to you? Why would I do that?”

“Then what did you bet on?” The others all looked at Leng Hu .

Leng Hu raised her chin . “What do you think?”

They asked, “It’s not the hell level, is it?”

Leng Hu asked, “Why not?”

“Don’t you hate Feng Wu the most? Why did you bet on that?”

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Leng Hu rolled her eyes again . “I hate her, but I don’t hate the idea of more points . ”

The others were rendered speechless .

Staring at her, they said, “We thought you didn’t think Feng Wu would do well . ”

Leng Hu stared at them as if they were idiots . “I don’t, but I do have faith in Young Lord Feng and His Royal Highness’s judgement . ”

That was a very reasonable argument .

Right now, Feng Xun was the happiest person in the crowd . “Hahaha, Chaoge, many people bet that Feng Wu would stop at the elite level, didn’t they?”

The crowd around him didn’t look too happy .

Chaoge nodded and said matter-of-factly, “The total pool is 2 million points, and a little over 1 million of them was for Feng Wu not passing the elite level . Adding in those who bet that Feng Wu would fail at the common and difficult levels, that’s 1 . 5 million points .

“The other half a million points are on her making it to the hell level . ” Chaoge said, “However, no one has even mentioned the insane level . ”

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