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Chapter 1360
Chapter 1360: Kill the Person She Hates the Most

Shu Yunruo smiled and said, “Yes . ”

Feng Xun asked, “Why?”

Shu Yunruo said, “Because I have faith in Feng Wu . ”

Feng Xun grumbled inwardly . Even he didn’t have that much faith in Feng Wu . Deep down, he was convinced that she wouldn’t be able to pass the hell level .

He was about to make the change, when he heard a cold voice: “No . ”

It was the crown prince himself .

Feng Xun and the others exchanged bewildered looks .

Tilting his head, the crown prince stared at Shu Yunruo with cold, piercing eyes .

Shu Yunruo shuddered and was overwhelmed with fear . A cold sensation ran down his spine .

Those eyes were so terrifying that he was awestruck and intimidated .

Shu Yunruo, the known genius of Imperial College, didn’t dare meet the crown prince’s eyes .

In the Dragon’s Gate .

Feng Wu took down the bottle filled with the toxic inky liquid, sealed it with a cork, and put it into her sleeve . She then moved to the next floor .

Each level consisted of three trials . Thus, the fourth, seventh, and tenth floors represented the three thresholds .

The tenth floor .

“How much time do I have?” The smell of blood filled Feng Wu’s nostrils when she stood at the entrance to the tenth floor . She frowned and narrowed her eyes .

The fairy said, “You have 25 minutes left . ”

Feng Wu nodded . Before she knew it, she had gripped the Fallen Star Sword on her back, and the look on her face had never been so stern .

Seeing the look on her face, the crowd grew nervous as well .

What awaited Feng Wu on the tenth floor?


Red, warm blood slowly oozed out through the gap under the door .

Feng Wu was even more wary .

The door was unlatched . Feng Wu held the hilt of the Fallen Star Sword in her right hand and narrowed her eyes . She needed to be very cautious now .

The door finally opened .

Many people were frightened when they saw what was inside .


There was so much blood .

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Feng Wu stepped right into it .

Everywhere she turned, she could see nothing but blood, and the red color gave her the creeps .

The dangerous feeling made Feng Wu narrow her eyes . All of a sudden, her head went blank, and a wretched feeling swept over her .

Rumble —

A voice suddenly rang out .

“Welcome to the hell level, little girl . Yes, this is that legendary place —

“Here, you’ll experience the joy of killing . ”

After a pause, the sinister voice rang out again . “You can kill whomever you hate in Imperial College .

“Little girl, close your eyes and picture the person you hate the most in Imperial College . Hahaha —”

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The evil voice trailed off .

However, that eerie, suffocating feeling still lingered in everyone’s heads…

The person said that Feng Wu could kill the person she hated the most .

“Hey, who do you think Feng Wu hates the most in Imperial College?” Leng Hu chuckled and was intrigued .


A lot of people hated Feng Wu, but no one knew whom Feng Wu hated, which only made them even more curious .

“What if I don’t hate anyone?” Feng Wu’s eyes snapped open, and she stared at a spot in the air .

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