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Published at 5th of February 2021 02:45:06 PM

Chapter 1357: 1357
Chapter 1357: The Amazing Feng Wu (5)

The fairy sighed and said in a sorry voice, “I wish I could help you, but even if I can come out, I’m still too tiny . I can only stop a few birds at most . ”

Outside —

Everyone was nervously watching Feng Wu .

Most of them had bet on Feng Wu failing at the elite level, so they were all praying inwardly .

“Lu Yuntao, did you bet on Feng Wu not being able to pass the elite level as well?” Leng Hu glanced at Lu Yuntao .

Lu Yuntao said, “Yes . ”

Leng Hu asked, “How many points did you use?”

Lu Yuntao showed her two fingers .

“200?” asked Leng Hu . Lu Yuntao shook his head .


He shook his head again .


Lu Yuntao looked like he was going to cry . “Yes…”

Leng Hu said, “Have you lost your mind?! Do you even have that many points? Wait…”

Lu Yuntao gave Leng Hu a pleading look and didn’t know what to say .

“Don’t tell me that you put all of Tiger Head’s points in!” Leng Hu wanted to smack Lu Yuntao in the head .

Lu Yuntao said timidly, “You said Feng Wu wasn’t that capable at all, so I thought, why waste such a great opportunity . It’s not like this is going to happen every day . So I…”

Leng Hu wanted to slap him .

Gu Honglang stopped Leng Hu . “Don’t hit him . Anyway, we don’t know the final result yet . ”

Leng Hu rolled her eyes at him . “Have you seen what Feng Wu has done so far? Of course she’s going to pass the ninth floor . I’m sure of it!”

“If that’s the case, why is she still standing there?” Gu Honglang smirked .

Leng Hu turned to look at Feng Wu .

He was right . Feng Wu really was still standing there with a big frown on her face .

That immediately cheered Lu Yuntao and Leng Hu up . Their eyes practically sparkled .

However, that good mood didn’t last very long .

Whoosh —

Feng Wu raised her hand, and something flew into the air .

What the hell?

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Everyone stared at it in bewilderment .

Soon, they found out what Feng Wu had been doing while she had been standing there .



“Is that even doable?”

“Feng Wu is so…”

“How can someone be so smart? How?”

So, what was it that had surprised everyone?

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The thing Feng Wu threw into the air was none other than the core of the vine which she had brought with her from the eighth floor .

Feng Wu’s original plan was to take the core back home and plant it in Fallen Star Yard .

It had a formation of its own, and was portable .

With this core, her family would be much safer, and she would be able to take more risks .

However, reality never turned out the way one hoped .

The core told her that all of the magical beasts and plants in the Dragon’s Gate were bound by spells . As long as the spells were still active, they could never leave this place .

Since she couldn’t take it away, Feng Wu decided to make good use of it .

She had been knitting just then .

She knitted the vine into a dense net, which was an idea she had gotten from her experience on the eighth floor .

Therefore, when everyone else thought that Feng Wu had run out of options, she already had a plan, and had started working on it .

By now, Feng Wu had made the vine into a big net!

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