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Published at 2nd of February 2021 03:20:07 AM

Chapter 1350: 1350
Chapter 1350: Magma Beast

If only 200 students of Initial had passed the elite level, that meant —

If Feng Wu passed the elite level, she would be one of the top 200 students of Year 2!

She hadn’t even been admitted into Year 2 yet, but she could now become one of the top 200? Dream on!

“The ability Feng Wu has shown so far only puts her in the 700s . How can she belong to the top 200?”

“That’s right . I admit that she’s a very talented student, but even a genius needs time to grow . There’s no way she’ll defeat the magma beast . ”

“She’s not going to pass the seventh floor!”

“Excuse me, can I raise my stake?”

“That’s right . Count me in . Can I raise my stake as well?”

A moment ago, when Feng Wu passed the sixth floor, many people were surprised and amazed, but all of a sudden, they lost faith in her all over again .

Feng Xun sneered at these idiotic people . What they didn’t know was that Feng Wu hadn’t even used her Fallen Star Sword yet .

“Do you all want to raise your stakes? Great!” Feng Xun glanced at Chaoge . “Give them what they want!”

Chaoge had always been a dauntless girl . With Feng Xun’s consent, she let the other people raise their stakes . In a matter of minutes, the total number of points increased significantly again .

On the seventh floor inside the Dragon’s Gate .

Feng Wu had no idea how many points she was responsible for . Right now, she was staring at the magma beast with a serious look on her face .

The magma beast was the size of a volcano and was covered in flames . Even the tips of its fur were burning, which gave it a ferocious look .


The beast raised one foot, revealing a giant paw print on the ground .

It was about the size of a bed, and more than big enough for Feng Wu to fit inside .

Everywhere the beast stepped, flames shot up like erupting magma; it was a very scary scene .

What a terrifying beast!

How was Feng Wu supposed to fight that thing?

Just then, the giant magma charged at Feng Wu at a tremendous speed .

But Feng Wu only remained where she was and stood her ground .

What was she doing?

“Run! Xiao Wu, run!” Chaoge urged as she stared at Feng Wu and clenched her fists .

Scarlet flames came out of the beast’s nostrils, mouth, and enormous ears!

The ground shook as it ran, sending sparks flying everywhere . How terrifying!

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100 meters!

50 meters!

10 meters!

Just as the beast raised a paw to smack down on Feng Wu —


Feng Wu disappeared from sight .

The momentum made the beast stumble forward, and at that moment, Feng Wu reappeared behind its back .


Feng Wu gave it a kick .

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She put all her strength in her leg, and the impact was incredible .


Everyone watched in disbelief .

Because they saw the enormous beast stumble forward from Feng Wu’s kick!


Its forehead hit the ground, and it rolled forward .

Everyone sucked in their breaths .

That was…


All in all, the beast had underestimated Feng Wu, which made her first strike possible . It wasn’t a good start for the beast at all .

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