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Chapter 1349: 1349
Chapter 1349: She Won’t Make It

But what this teenager called Xu Hong failed to mention was that he wouldn’t be able to take apart a bunch of robots the way Feng Wu had, even after he watched her do it .

“Does that mean that Feng Wu should be around 750th if she’s included on our billboard?”

Tao Hu, who had remained silent the whole time, clenched his fists and said, “She can’t be higher than 700th!”

Leng Hu darted a suspicious look at their group leader and wondered if Feng Wu would really only be ranked in the 700s .

“The elite level starts from the seventh floor . ” Tao Hu snorted . “I’d like to see her try to get through this one . ”

Immediately, many people grew excited .

Even if Feng Wu was only 700th, that was still an amazing achievement, because that was already much better than many existing Year 2 students, and Feng Wu hadn’t even gotten into Year 2 yet .

For the Year 2 students, it was very difficult to move up the billboard .

Therefore, under normal circumstances, Feng Wu wouldn’t be able to go further than the sixth floor .

“The elite level starts from the seventh floor, and it’s no longer all about fighting . One has to think about their moves, and that’s not something Feng Wu can manage . ”

“Have we ever had a student in Initial who skipped a grade and made it all the way to the seventh floor?”

“No, we haven’t, and Feng Wu won’t be that person either . ”

“If I remember correctly, there’s a magma beast on the seventh floor, isn’t there?” Feng Xun murmured as he rubbed his chin .

“Yes, indeed . ” Various emotions flashed in Chief Qiao’s eyes as he studied Feng Wu, and he was lost in thought .

He had believed what Qiao Yi told him at first, that Feng Wu only got into Imperial College because of her pretty face and that she had become the top student of Year 1 because of her glib tongue . But as it turned out…

Feng Wu wasn’t just a pretty face . She was an incredible cultivator .

“Chief Qiao, are you suggesting that this magma beast is different from what we had before?” Feng Xun’s eyes flickered .

Chief Qiao nodded at Feng Xun with a smile . “The students have been getting better, so it’s the same with the beast . It’s much more powerful than when you were here . ”

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Feng Xun raised an eyebrow . “So, are you saying that Xiao Wu won’t be able to pass the elite level?”

Instantly, all eyes were on Chief Qiao .

Almost all the Year 2 students had placed a bet, and most of them had bet on Feng Wu’s defeat . Of the latter, most had bet that Feng Wu wouldn’t pass the elite level .

Right now, Feng Wu was right at the entrance to the elite level .

“She’s not going to pass . ” Chief Qiao shook his head and sounded very sure . “The magma beast was only a baby when you fought it, but it’s a teenager now . ”

Rubbing his chin, Feng Xun pondered . “Are you sure she won’t make it? Why do I feel that the elite level won’t be a problem for her?”

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Chief Qiao smiled wryly . He didn’t want to argue with Feng Xun, but it didn’t mean that he agreed with him .

“I see that Chief Qiao doesn’t believe me . ” Feng Xun smiled .

Chief Qiao shook his head . “My lord, you may not know this, but less than 200 students of Initial have actually passed the elite level . ”

Everyone drew in their breaths .

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