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Chapter 1351: 1351

The scary fact was that at this advanced level, a slight mistake could ultimately lead to failure .

The magma beast lost its momentum from the very beginning, which gave Feng Wu a great opportunity . As a result —

Feng Wu smiled a little .

She charged at the magma beast before it could stand back up .

In fact, Feng Wu could have drawn out the Fallen Star Sword .

Nothing would be able to compete with the Fallen Star Sword!

However, that wasn’t what Feng Wu did .

Because the magma beast wasn’t important enough for her to draw out her sword .


Feng Wu jumped onto the giant .

Standing amidst the flames, Feng Wu waved her hand, and whoosh!

It started snowing heavily .

“Ice and snow?!”

Someone outside the Dragon’s Gate cried out .

“Does Feng Wu have the ice attribute? Since when?!”

Many people looked confused .

As far as they could remember, Feng Wu had always had the fire attribute . When did she obtain a second attribute?

“And that stance she’s using is very advanced!”

“Feng Wu is so capable…”

“I have the ice attribute as well, and I’m a Spiritual Elder . Why couldn’t my ice extinguish the beast’s fire?”

But Feng Wu’s ice could!

Ice and snow drifted down onto the magma beast .

Instantly —

The flames all over its body gradually went out as the snow fell .

“The fire is put out!”

“The magma fire!”

“Didn’t Chief Qiao say that the beast is already a teenager?”

Instantly, all eyes were on Feng Wu .

The teenage girl seemed to shine as resplendently as the sun .

Over and over again, she did amazing things to change other people’s opinion of her!

That was incredible!

How could a teenage girl be so impressive?!

Everyone was still admiring Feng Wu for what she had done when suddenly —

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The magma beast lying stiffly on the ground convulsed .

The next second, it looked up and glared at Feng Wu .

Plop, plop —

Snow started falling off its body .

Its eyes were scarlet red .

And flames rose from its body again .

Qiao Yi was thrilled .

She cried out, “The beast is back on its feet! The beast is back on its feet!”

Immediately, a lot of people looked at her .

Someone murmured, “Isn’t Miss Qiao Yi the daughter of Chief Qiao, and a Year 1 teacher?”

“So, she’s Feng Wu’s teacher, isn’t she?”

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“Why is she so eager to see Feng Wu fail?”

“I saw the bet she put in . It’s a lot higher than ours . ”

“She’s so…”

However, Qiao Yi didn’t hear any of that . Right now, all her attention was on Feng Wu .

Feng Wu saw the beast wake up and new flames sprout .

So what?

She had extinguished the fire on the magma beast before, so of course she could do it again .

“Come, ice and snow!” With a wave of her hand, ice and snow started falling again .

They immediately put out the new flames rising from the magma beast .

Everyone watched with their mouths agape .

Seeing that things had turned against it, the beast turned to flee .

Feng Wu smiled and lightly touched the ground with a fingertip .

Whoosh —

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