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Chapter 1348: 1348
Chapter 1348: Feng Wu’s Current Ranking

“Actually… cultivation level-wise, at least a small proportion of Year 2 students are more advanced than Feng Wu . ” Xuan Yi paused for a while after those words, before he went on, “But, they may not be able to pass the sixth floor . ”

Feng Xun nodded . “I see that now . Little Feng Wu could have defeated the robot much sooner on the fourth floor, but she prolonged the fight to study its structure!”

Xuan Yi nodded . “Because the robot on the fourth floor is the smallest and the weakest one . ”

Feng Xun said, “That was why she seized the opportunity to explore the robot and figure out its pattern of movements . ”

Xuan Yi said, “Indeed . And she was still doing it on the fifth floor . ”

Feng Xun said, “Without the experience from the previous two floors, she would never have been able to succeed on the sixth floor, because it’s several times more difficult than the previous floors put together . ”

Xuan Yi said, “It’s so rare to find a person with her mentality . She’s simply so calm – much calmer than anyone I’ve ever met . ”

Feng Xun said, “And she’s smart, too . She’s able to think five or six steps ahead of her . ”

Xuan Yi said, “She’s so scary…”

Feng Xun looked pleased . “That scary girl is my sister!”

Xuan Yi wanted to retort, but all words failed him .

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi didn’t exactly try to lower their voices, so the others heard their every word .

They were already amazed by Feng Wu’s performance, and when they heard the conversation –

Many people immediately changed their opinion of Feng Wu .

Some of the Year 2 students had no choice but to admit that this new student was indeed better than them .

“Hey, what do you think Feng Wu’s ranking is?” someone asked .

Many people fell silent when they heard the question .

Feng Wu wasn’t a Year 2 student yet, and her name wasn’t on the Year 2 billboard . That was why many people didn’t know what her real level was .

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“Around 900th, I think?”

“I think she should be higher . Lu Yuntao is 900th now, but can he pass the sixth floor?”

Lu Yuntao was in the crowd as well . Immediately, all eyes were on him, the usually ignored teenager .

“I – I…” The stalwart teenager had always had a problem with his stutter, and he could barely form a sentence with everyone looking at him . “I – I – I can’t…”

The others agreed . That was to say, Feng Wu was at least as good as the 900th student of Year 2 .

“So, what do you think her ranking is?” Everyone was curious .

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Just then, Feng Wu finally took apart the last robot and finished the sixth trial . She then moved toward the seventh floor .

The members of Tiger Head exchanged awkward looks .

They all looked at Leng Hu, because she was the weakest member in the group .

Leng Hu said, “I’m 950th . I can’t pass the 6th floor . ”

Gu Honglang said, “I’m 850th, and I can’t either . ”

Another member scratched his head and said, “I’m 750th, and I passed the fifth floor last time . I might be able to manage the sixth floor…”

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