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Chapter 1345: 1345

“That’s right . She was already struggling on the fourth floor . Can she manage this time?”

Because of Feng Wu’s performance on the previous floor, no one had any hope in her now .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu was slowly getting to her feet . She then looked up at the three giant robots, who were all sneering at her .

Compared with them, Feng Wu was even tinier than an ant .

“Little girl, it’s not too late to surrender . Otherwise, we’ll stomp you to a pulp . ” The smallest of the three spoke in a complacent voice .

Feng Wu was busy coming up with a plan .

She had learned everything about the robot’s structure on the fourth floor, but she had only learned about half of its stances .

Therefore —

Feng Wu smiled at them . “Why are you so sure that I’m going to lose? Come and get me!”

After that, Feng Wu started running around the robots in circles again .

“There she goes . She’s doing it again!”

“Does she think she can run away from the robots just like that?”

“How naive!”

“She’s so dead!”

Outside, the students still didn’t think she would succeed, and many of them made contemptuous remarks .

But back inside the Dragon’s Gate —

Feng Wu looked so tiny compared with the three giants .

Before they realized what was going on, Feng Wu started running around them so fast that it made their heads spin .

All of a sudden!

Feng Wu dashed forward like a gust of wind .

Everyone was convinced that Feng Wu was doomed .

With three robots at her heels, even if she could survive, she would still be badly injured .

To everyone’s surprise, only one of the three robots chased Feng Wu, while the other two simply remained where they were .

What was going on here?!

Everyone was shocked .

They then turned to look at Feng Wu .

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Right now, the weakest robot of the three was running after Feng Wu with heavy footsteps .

Feng Wu stumbled forward as the robot threw punches at her .

Despite her struggle, she still made time to look over her shoulder to study the robot’s movements .

Several times, the robot almost caught her .

Luckily, Feng Wu was nimble enough to dodge its strikes every single time .

“Feng Wu is so going to lose!”

That was what all the students were thinking . However, things started changing a moment later .

Because Feng Wu stopped running .

She stopped and turned around with a faint smile on her face .

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The robot was confused .

It couldn’t understand why this human girl had a meaningful yet malicious smirk on her face .

All of a sudden —

Feng Wu pushed off of the floor with her toes, and the next second, she charged out .

Right before the robot struck down again, Feng Wu followed its momentum and blocked its way .

She was able to move first every single time before the robot could take action .

That was to say, Feng Wu had figured out the robot’s pattern of movements .

As everyone watched —


Feng Wu snapped off one of the robot’s hands .

Immediately after that, there was another crack!

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