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Chapter 1344
Chapter 1344: Untitled

If that was the case, why not figure out the robot’s structure while she was still on the fourth floor?

That was why Feng Wu had let go of the victory within her reach and climbed onto the robot to explore its structure instead .

If this was half a month ago, when Feng Wu knew nothing about forging, she wouldn’t have been able to figure out how the robot was put together .

However, it was only the other day that she and Master Rong Yang had built her Fallen Star Sword together .

During the forging of the Fallen Star Sword, she had been in charge of controlling the fire while Master Rong Yang talked to her about the principles of smith forging .

Thus, Feng Wu was able to find the robot’s Achilles’ heel shortly after she started exploring .

Meanwhile, the robot seemed to have detected Feng Wu’s purpose . It bellowed and shook its body violently .

The movement shook Feng Wu off its body like an autumn tree shedding its leaves .


The robot raised a foot to stomp on Feng Wu .

She wouldn’t survive if that foot landed on her .

But Feng Wu rolled and dodged in time .

However, the robot still chased after her, and she barely escaped it several times .

In fact, Feng Wu could have ended this fight a long time ago, but she had her own plan .

She needed to figure out the pattern of its movements .

However, a red light started flashing at that moment, and a warning sounded .

“Oh, Feng Wu really is going to fail . ” Many of the Year 2 students gloated .

“What’s that noise?” Chaoge was confused .

Qiao Yi explained to her, “That’s the warning for the 60-second countdown . if Feng Wu can’t make it to the next floor within the next 60 seconds, she’ll be considered to have failed the challenge . ”

That was to say, there was a time limit for each trial .

Chaoge clenched her fists .

“Xiao Wu, come on!”

On the fourth floor inside the Dragon’s Gate .

Feng Wu didn’t know exactly what that warning sound meant, but she could more or less guess .


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The robot tried to stomp on her again .

Feng Wu evaded it at the last second . By then, she had learned the pattern to all the robot’s movements .

Click –

She looked up in passing after she dodged the attack and saw that the door to the fifth floor was slowly closing .

She finally knew what that warning sound meant .

Without hesitation, Feng Wu pushed off of the robot with her feet and dashed toward the door at her fastest speed .

“No, she won’t make it . ”

“She can’t beat that closing door . ”

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“There goes the end of this Dragon’s Gate challenge . Guys, it’s time to go to bed . ”

Many students yawned and were ready to go back to bed when –

Whoosh –

There was a flash of white light .

When they looked again, they saw that Feng Wu was on the fifth floor .

Three bigger and stronger robots surrounded her like three small mountains .

“Gosh! Feng Wu made it!”

“She was able to make it to the fifth floor at the last moment!”

“That’s incredible!”

“Don’t celebrate just yet . Haven’t you noticed? There are more robots on this floor, and they’re even stronger!”

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