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Chapter 1346
Chapter 1346: Untitled

Feng Wu removed one of the robot’s arms!

The students outside went insane!

“What’s going on?”

“Why does Feng Wu seem enlightened all of a sudden?”

“What’s happening here? I don’t understand!”

Many people stared at Feng Wu in astonishment when they realized what was going on .

To their further surprise, after taking off the robot’s arms, Feng Wu shifted her body, and the next second, she was behind the robot .


No one knew where Feng Wu had struck the giant robot, but it shrieked .

The next second!

Its enormous body convulsed violently .

Right after that —

Crack —

Things started falling from its body .

The sound of spare parts hitting the floor continued .

At first, they fell one by one, but by the end, they were falling like metallic raindrops .


The robot disintegrated like a landslide .

It turned into a pile of spare parts on the floor .

Everyone outside watched with their mouths agape . They couldn’t believe their eyes!

“That’s impossible…”

“No way!”

“How is that possible?”

That was so unexpected!

Qiao Yi stared at Feng Wu in disbelief, and her hands clenched into fists in her sleeves .

“No! That’s impossible!”

In fact, many other people also hoped that it wasn’t real .

But —

They couldn’t deny the reality!

As soon as Feng Wu took care of the robot, she walked away from it .

The other two robots were still standing there .

They looked as though they were frozen to the spot .

At first, many students tried to persuade themselves that the robots had malfunctioned . However —

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Feng Wu unhurriedly walked up to them and casually patted both of them .

Thump —

The giant robots collapsed into two piles of spare parts!

Both of them!

That immediately shocked the students all over again .

How was that even possible?!

“It took Feng Wu so much time to defeat one robot on the fourth floor, so how did she manage to…”

Qiao Yi stared at Feng Wu with wide open eyes .

She had thought that the fifth floor would be as far as Feng Wu could go . As it turned out, she had passed the trial with much less effort this time .

“Is this Feng Wu even human?!”

“How could she pass the fifth trial more easily than the fourth one?”

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“It was barely any effort at all!”

“I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do on the sixth floor!”

By then, the onlookers were split into several groups .

Some found Feng Wu exceptionally bright .

And some couldn’t wait to see her fail .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu was running toward the sixth floor at top speed .

Like everyone had expected, a group of robots was waiting for her there .

They were enormous in size and there were so many of them . Just by standing there, they already looked very intimidating .

When Feng Wu walked onto the sixth floor, they all stared at her with ferocious looks on their faces .

The students outside felt their stomachs lurch when they saw the roomful of robots .

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