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Chapter 1341: 1341
Chapter 1341: Repeated Defeats

Feng Wu knew perfectly well that she was fast and good at cultivation and formation techniques, but strength wasn’t her forte .

Right at that moment!

The robot clenched its fists and, without warning, it struck at Feng Wu .


There was a loud sound!

Luckily, Feng Wu dodged in time . She quickly hid behind a pillar, and the robot’s fist smashed into it .

Crack —

The pillar made a loud cracking sound .

The robot drew back its fist and immediately struck at Feng Wu again .

Once more, Feng Wu narrowly escaped the attack .

The robot moved faster and faster, and with each strike, it exerted more power .

Its movements created gusts of wind .

Feng Wu raised her speed as well . She was moving so fast that other people couldn’t follow her with their eyes .

Each time the robot almost hit her, she would somehow brush past its fist .

While the others watched in fear, Feng Wu was filled with apprehension as well .

She couldn’t keep doing this . She had to find a solution, since it would only be a matter of time before she got hit; she didn’t have time to keep stalling .

Just then, there was a loud thump .

The fist smashed into Feng Wu .

She wasn’t so lucky this time and was hit in the nose .


The others watched as Feng Wu flew backward . The next second, she fell to the ground with a bleeding nose .

All the onlookers were speechless .

“Seriously? Feng Wu got hit just like that?!”

“Wasn’t she so impressive during the normal level? We were all shocked! She’s only on the fourth floor now . How can she…”

“I knew it . She’s only a new Year 1 student . How capable can she be?”

“Forget the insane level, even the difficult level is a struggle for her, not to mention that she’s only on the first trial of that level . ”

“Feng Wu has bitten off more than she can chew . She’s doomed…”

Almost no one had any faith in Feng Wu .

Even Feng Xun was frowning and looked concerned now, to say nothing of those Year 2 students who barely knew her .

If the fourth floor was already so tough for her, how was she supposed to handle the trials after this one? Feng Xun clenched his fists nervously .

Involuntarily, he looked at Jun Linyuan .

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As expected, Boss Jun looked concerned as well .

Feng Xun had nothing to say .

Judging by the power Feng Wu had exerted so far, she probably wouldn’t make it beyond the fifth floor .

Inside the Dragon’s Gate .

Feng Wu had no idea how the people outside were evaluating her, since all she could think of now was the robot .

The robot didn’t stop attacking Feng Wu after she fell down . Instead, it only moved faster .


It punched her hard again .

Poor Feng Wu . She was smashed again .

The robot was the size of a three-story building, and its arms were unbelievably strong!

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Feng Wu crashed to the ground once more .

This time, the ground cracked when she smashed into it .

That was how incredible the impact was .


“Oh my god!”

“Feng Wu… Feng Wu is…”

“I thought she could at least make it to the fifth floor . By the looks of it, she won’t even be able to get through the fourth floor!”

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