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Chapter 1340
Chapter 1340: Feng Wu Knows…

“But this is only the normal level . Each trial is going to be more difficult than the previous one . I’d like to see how far she can go!”

“I don’t think she’ll make it beyond the third trial . ”

Feng Wu entered the third trial when one of the students said those words .

The third trial was on the third floor, and her mission still involved wolves . However, there were so many of them this time .

One look at the pack and Feng Wu knew that there were at least 20 wolves .

Every single one of them was strong and had glossy fur .

Outside, many people couldn’t wait to laugh at Feng Wu .

“She can handle one or two wolves, but there are 20 of them now!”

“She’s not going to take them down any time soon . ”

“Who does she think she is? Does she really believe that…”

They were still talking, when Feng Wu ran into the pack of wolves, moving as fast as a gust of wind .

The next thing they knew, all 20 wolves had collapsed on the ground .

The crowd was speechless .

They sucked in their breaths .

Feng Wu had simply moved so fast that it shocked them .

Chaoge laughed wholeheartedly . “I told you already . Xiao Wu is so much more capable than you think!”

No one said a word, because they didn’t know what to say .

Leng Hu of Tiger Head snorted . “It’s only the normal level . Big deal!”

Chaoge grinned . “She’s at the normal level now, but she’ll soon make it to the difficult level!

Leng Hu said, “I can’t wait!”

Chaoge nodded . “You’ll see . ”

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“How much time do I have?”

Inside the Dragon’s Gate, Feng Wu wasn’t as relaxed as she appeared, since she was racing against time . If she couldn’t finish the challenge in the next hour, she would live in eternal damnation .

The fairy sounded pleasantly surprised when she quickly said, “It only took you three minutes to pass the normal level . ”

But the announcement didn’t cheer Feng Wu up at all, because she knew very well that each trial would be harder than the previous one and would take her more time to get through .

She arrived at the next floor as the fairy spoke .

The first three trials belonged to the normal level, and were rated one star . Starting from the fourth floor, she had entered the difficult level, and the trials were all rated two stars .

Although the difficulty level had only been raised by one star, Feng Wu sensed an intimidating power as soon as she walked onto the fourth floor .

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She looked up to discover a giant robot!

It was the size of a three-story tower . Compared with it, Feng Wu was tiny, and her thin limbs looked like matchsticks .

Red light shone from the robot’s eyes as it stared at Feng Wu, and a voice came out of its belly .

“Young lady, it’s not too late for you to give up now . ”

There was no cadence to its voice, and it paused after each word, which made it sound rather creepy .

Seeing the blue glow coming out of the robot and its smooth outline, Feng Wu was alarmed . That was a very powerful robot .

Needless to say, it had great physical strength .

Feng Wu knew perfectly well what her shortcomings were .

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