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Chapter 1342
Chapter 1342: Finally Figured It Out

Many people were talking and crying out at the same time .

Standing in the crowd, Qiao Yi gloated .


Doesn’t Feng Wu always think so highly of herself? I bet she never saw this coming! She’s so ridiculous! thought Qiao Yi .

She smirked and said, “There I was, thinking how incredible she is . I see that she’s not that much better than the rest of us!”

Clenching her fists, Chaoge glared at Qiao Yi . “Xiao Wu can go much further than this . You people are underestimating her!”

“Heh . ” Qiao Yi smirked . “In that case, I can’t wait to see her performance . ”

Meanwhile, Feng Wu had smashed into the ground again .

The impact sent an excruciating pain up her spine .

She drew in her breath, worried that the fall might have hurt her spine .

The robot didn’t stop just because Feng Wu was injured . Instead, a murderous look flickered in its eyes, and it charged at Feng Wu .

It wanted to finish this battle as soon as possible!

No —

Despite the pain in her back, Feng Wu jumped to her feet and rushed out .

The Phoenix Dance was such a skillful move that the robot wasn’t able to keep up with her for the moment .

However, the space was limited here, and no matter how fast Feng Wu could run, the robot would still be able to catch up with her .

Once she figured that out, she looked over her shoulder to observe the robot . As expected, it was smirking, and its eyes were filled with confidence .

So, it was running after her like a cat teasing a rat . Damn it!

Feng Wu clenched her fists .

“You’ve spent 7 minutes here already . ” Just then, the fairy spoke in Feng Wu’s head .

“No —” Feng Wu’s stomach lurched .

She had only reached the fourth floor, but it had already cost her 10 precious minutes . At this rate, she was going to fail!

No, she had to figure something out!

As Feng Wu ran, she recalled the robot’s movements in her head as if she was replaying a movie . She studied each frame .

Where was the problem?

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Outside, many people saw what Feng Wu was doing and snorted .

“Is she seriously thinking about how to defeat a robot? Does she think that there’s some sort of technique?”

“That’s just ridiculous! She’s so going to lose!”

“She’s such a braggart! What’s she doing now? Hahaha!”

Many Year 2 students smirked .

And most of them were girls .

They hadn’t been so hostile toward Feng Wu before, but ever since the crown prince got here, Feng Wu had become an eyesore .

One of the Year 2 students, however, was looking at Feng Wu with unblinking eyes .

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And that person was Shu Yunruo, whom Feng Wu had only met once before .

However, everyone was either looking at Feng Wu or Jun Linyuan, so no one noticed the look on Shu Yunruo’s face .

Inside the Dragon’s Gate —

Feng Wu’s eyes grew brighter as she studied the robot .

She finally found the problem!

Its paces and strikes were too accurate!

The length of each of its steps was exactly the same, as if someone had measured it with a ruler!

And each strike it made was the optimal outcome of complicated calculations!

It was a machine!

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