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Chapter 1339: 1339
Chapter 1339: How Naive of You!

The girls were frustrated when they saw the way Jun Linyuan looked at Feng Wu, so they raised their stakes again .

After Chaoge finally added up the numbers, her eyes twinkled like stars . “Wow! I’m going to be rich!”

Feng Xun gave her a strange look . “How many points are we talking about here?”

“Half a million! Teehee —” Chaoge was thrilled .

However, Feng Xun couldn’t bring himself to smile anymore . The odds of two to one meant that he would have to pay a million points if he lost .


Someone cried out at that moment .

Feng Wu had started fighting .

The first three trials formed the normal level .

As soon as Feng Wu entered, she found herself in a foggy place . There was mist everywhere, and visibility was very low .

Arh-woo —

A lone wolf howled .

Before Feng Wu could react, a strong wolf charged at her at a tremendous speed!

Its speed was unbelievable!

However —

It might be lighting speed to other people, but in Feng Wu’s eyes, the wolf was moving in slow motion .

The wolf leapt and pounced at Feng Wu .


Feng Wu raised a leg and kicked the wolf in its belly when it was still in midair .


The wolf wailed in pain and was kicked away into the distance .

Crash —

It crashed to the ground and whimpered . Its body twitched in pain, but it could no longer stand up .

Feng Wu looked past the wolf and headed for a spiral staircase, which led her to the second trial .

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“My family will make you pay for this!” the wolf roared .

Soon, Feng Wu reached the next floor .

The wolf wasn’t bluffing, because Feng Wu now faced two strong wolves with glossy fur . They were glaring at Feng Wu .

They were the parents of that lone wolf .

“Did you defeat my child?” The mother wolf glared at Feng Wu .

Meanwhile, the fairy was prompting Feng Wu in her head . “Faster! You don’t have much time left!”

Feng Wu knew very well that she couldn’t afford to spend more than an hour in the Dragon’s Gate .

Therefore, when the father wolf grinned and said, “If that’s the case —”

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It didn’t get to finish its sentence . Feng Wu charged at them, punching one wolf and kicking the other .

The two wolves were immediately struck down .

Feng Wu only had to attack once .

Without hesitation, Feng Wu headed for the next trial .

Meanwhile, the crowd outside were watching her in disbelief .

They knew that Feng Wu was good enough to get through the normal level, but they didn’t expect her to achieve it so effortlessly .

Although it was only the normal level, it was still difficult for new Year 2 students . About 10% of Year 2 students still couldn’t pass it .

“This Feng Wu is more capable than I expected . ”

“I think we’ve underestimated her . ”

“Would she take the Dragon’s Gate challenge if she didn’t know what she was doing? You people are so naive . ”

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