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Chapter 1336: 1336
Chapter 1336: Does She Have a Choice?

Jun Linyuan stepped out and swept his wide sleeve across the dragon’s head . The next second, the shining eyes closed .

Wow —

Everyone stared at the crown prince in disbelief .

Even Chief Qiao’s eyes widened .

He mumbled, “Aren’t those eyes supposed to be open forever? How’s that possible…”

To everyone’s further surprise, there was a loud bang after the light in the eyes went out . After that, they saw a ring of misty white light .

Jun Linyuan’s eyes flickered in the dark, and he asked Feng Wu earnestly, “This is the insane level . Are you bold enough to try it?”

Insane level?

Everyone was astonished .

The Dragon’s Gate challenge was supposed to consist of four levels: normal, difficult, elite, and hell . Where did this new level come from?

Feng Wu was surprised as well .

It was called “insane,” which suggested how difficult it was . It would probably drive her insane .

“60 minutes left,” the fairy reminded Feng Wu in her head .

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched .

Beggars couldn’t be choosers . She had no time to be picky about the level of difficulty now .

At that thought, Feng Wu nodded solemnly . “I’ll do it!”

“Enter . ” The crown prince was always very laconic when there were other people around .

If Feng Wu looked closely, she would notice that the hand which Jun Linyuan was covering the dragon’s eyes with was trembling slightly .

But she didn’t see it . She quickly stepped into the ring of light and vanished .

“Boss Jun —”

When Jun Linyuan drew back his hand, Feng Xun immediately saw that his palm was charred, and he could smell burnt flesh .

“Boss Jun, you —” Feng Xun took a step forward, trying to take a closer look .

However, the crown prince frowned and shot a warning glance at him .

Feng Xun paused in embarrassment . His lips moved, but he didn’t know what to say .

Just then —

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Someone cried out .

After Jun Linyuan put his hand down, they could see Feng Wu’s image in the dragon’s eyes .

To be more precise, the eyes were showing what Feng Wu was doing inside .

That was to say, everyone could see Feng Wu taking the challenge .

“Look, she’s in Trial 1, and she’s already in danger!”

The Dragon’s Gate was where Year 2 students took their tests, so they were very familiar with the normal level .

At the normal level, the Dragon’s Gate consisted of just three trials, and those new to Year 2 could roam this level only .

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“The difficult level consists of six trials .

“There are nine trials at the elite level and twelve at the hell level . Does that mean that there are fifteen trials at this insane level?!”

All the members of Tiger Head were there . Tao Hu, Gu Honglang, and Leng Hu all held a grudge against Feng Wu, and right now, they were staring at the dragon’s eyes .

“Does she think she can survive this insane level? That’s just preposterous . ”

No one had any faith in Feng Wu, especially Leng Hu . Her arms had recovered, and right now, she was smirking with her arms crossed .

Gu Honglang sneered as well . “Who does she think she is? The insane level? If you ask me, the normal level is already difficult enough for her . ”

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