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Chapter 1337
Chapter 1337: Count Me In

“That’s right! She can only belong to the normal level!” Leng Hu snorted .

Chaoge flared up . “Hey, you! Which level can you do?”

Leng Hu threw a dirty look at Chaoge . “The difficult level . Why?”

Chaoge smirked . “I defeated you before . If you can take the difficult level, why should Xiao Wu only be good enough for the normal level? You think too highly of yourself . ”

“You —” Leng Hu glared at Chaoge .

Chaoge raised her chin . “Fight me, I dare you!”

Now that Feng Wu was away, Leng Hu wasn’t intimidated by Chaoge . However, she saw Feng Xun narrow his eyes .

Young Lord Feng was usually a friendly person who liked to joke around, but when he got angry, he could be almost as terrifying as the crown prince .

Seeing Feng Xun standing behind Chaoge, Leng Hu was reminded of their interactions before, so she bit her lower lip and glared at Chaoge . “You won’t trick me!”

Chaoge smirked . “Would you like to make a bet, then?”

Leng Hu asked, “On what?”

Chaoge smiled . “Didn’t you say that Xiao Wu is only good enough for the normal level? If she makes it to the difficult level, I win . You’ll have to kneel down in front of me and admit your mistake . If I lose, I’ll do the same!”

Leng Hu was baffled .

She had only said those things in passing to vent her jealousy . Judging from what Leng Hu had seen so far of Feng Wu’s performance, she knew that Feng Wu was probably capable enough to make it to the elite level .

“I’m not taking that bet! It’s so childish!” Leng Hu refused .

Chaoge smirked . “Coward!”

Just then, another voice rang out .

“I’ll take the bet!”

Chaoge turned around to discover Qiao Yi .

Qiao Yi had come here in such a rush that she only wore a thin dress . Her face was pale from the chilly night air, but she was very excited .

“I’ll take the bet! I bet you that Feng Wu can go no further than the elite level! Do you dare bet against me?”

By taking a bet with Chaoge, Qiao Yi was ignoring the fact that she was a teacher, and many students found her behavior rather inappropriate .

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Chaoge smirked . “Sure . Why not? Xiao Wu is going to make it to the insane level, anyway, because she’s insanely capable!”

The insane level?

Everyone stared at Duan Chaoge as though they were looking at an idiot .

Was she nuts?

“Count me in!”

“Me, too!”

“And me!”

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Many students spoke in taunting voices, and most of them were girls .

They saw with their own eyes that the crown prince himself had helped Feng Wu go in . And because of that, they felt so frustrated . Finally, there was a way for them to vent that anger .

“What are your stakes, then?” Chaoge asked confidently .

The question stumped the others, but Tao Hu smirked and said, “I would say my points, but I don’t think you can afford to lose any of yours . ”

“Points” were used as a type of currency in Initial . With them, one could buy anything they wanted, as long as they could find it here .

Chaoge didn’t have any of those points .

“She doesn’t have any, but I do . ” Feng Xun broke the silence and stepped out . He then patted Chaoge’s shoulder . “Go get some pen and paper to write down their names . I’ll pay for you if you lose . ”

Qiao Yi was dumbfounded and heartbroken to hear that .

She had always considered Feng Xun as a potential future husband for herself, but as it turned out, he was on Feng Wu’s side .

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