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Chapter 1335
Chapter 1335: As You Wish

Chief Qiao walked up to the stunning teenager and greeted him respectfully .

He was the ruler of Initial, but he was nothing compared with the future ruler of the empire .

From this angle, the crown prince’s face looked like a perfect sculpture . Right now, there was no expression on it, and he darted an indifferent glance at Chief Qiao .

“Let’s begin . ” The crown prince was used to treating people in this indifferent manner . Even now, when he was asking for Chief Qiao’s help, he was still very unapproachable .

Chief Qiao smiled bitterly . “Your Royal Highness… Since you’ve made the request, no one can decline, but…”

“Yes?” Jun Linyuan frowned a little and gave Chief Qiao a cold glance .

Chief Qiao gave him a wry smile . “Your Royal Highness, as you may know, the Dragon’s Gate challenge comes in different levels . That is, normal, difficult, elite, and hell .

“Because Miss Feng booked the challenge without specifying a level, I opened them all .

“However, Miss Feng missed her appointment and wasted a lot of energy in the process .

“Your Royal Highness, you know that once the Dragon’s Gate is opened, it can’t be opened again for the next seven days . ”

Chief Qiao shrugged . “Therefore, Your Royal Highness, it’s not that I won’t open the gate . I can’t . ”

Instantly, a hush fell over the crowd .

Qiao Yi had lowered her head to hide the gloating smile on her face .

She wasn’t the only onlooker here .

“His Royal Highness is here!”

The news had grown wings, and soon, everyone in Initial knew about it .

A lot of Year 2 students had been cultivating around the clock and had never heard of Feng Wu’s name before, nor did they know about her recent achievements .

Hence, they had no interest in her .

However, they were excited by the news that Jun Linyuan was here, so they rushed over as soon as they could .

Shu Yunruo, the senior student Feng Wu had met before, was here .

So were all the members of Tiger Head .

More people kept gathering round .

However —

The Dragon’s Gate still wasn’t open .

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Feng Wu was worried sick, and kept asking the fairy how much time she had left .

The fairy was as anxious as she was, and she immediately said, “You have 70 minutes left . ”

Feng Wu cursed inwardly…

Seeing her reaction, for the first time in his life, Jun Linyuan explained things to another person . He told her, “The Dragon’s Gate can’t be opened twice in seven days . ”

Putting a long face, Feng Wu tugged at his sleeve and looked eagerly at him .

He was her last resort .

Looking into Feng Wu’s eyes, Jun Linyuan asked, “Do you have to do it?”

Feng Wu nodded repeatedly . “Yes!”

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“No matter how dangerous it may be?”

Feng Wu went on nodding . “Yes!”

“And you have to do it now?”

Feng Wu nodded affirmatively again .

Jun Linyuan saw that she was determined, and the look on his face turned stern .

He slowly walked up to the Dragon’s Gate .

The Dragon’s Gate was a building that reminded one of a dragon’s palace . The front gate was a gigantic dragon’s head, and the glint in its eyes could give one the creeps .

The head was man-made, but those eyes were genuine dragon’s eyes!

Then, Jun Linyuan —

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