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Published at 27th of January 2021 03:25:32 PM

Chapter 1332

“10 o’clock at night? So, I have two hours left!” Feng Wu took a deep breath to calm down . “I still have time . Right?”

The question was directed at the peach blossom fairy in her head .

However, the fairy only gave Feng Wu a strange but piteous look without saying a word .

“Just tell me, do I still have two more hours?!” Feng Wu glared at her .

The fairy was a little frightened . Pursing her lips, she looked at Feng Wu and nodded . “Yes, but you’ll never be able to finish it in two hours…”

“Why didn’t you wake me up?!” Feng Wu tried to suppress her anger .

The broken star piece was something she valued more than her own life .

The fairy glanced at Feng Wu and said quietly, “I tried, but you just wouldn’t wake up . Listen, my throat is raw from all the shouting…”

God knew how flustered she had been when Feng Wu remained unconscious and wouldn’t respond to her calling .

“Fine, fine . We’ll talk about it later . My top priority now is to finish the task!” Feng Wu took a deep breath .

“Xiao Wu? Xiao Wu?!”

Chaoge and Feng Xun exchanged looks, because they realized that Feng Wu’s mind had wandered off again .

Feng Wu snapped out of her reverie and told Feng Xun, “I’m going to take the Dragon’s Gate challenge now!”

Feng Xun couldn’t believe what he had just heard, and he yelled at Feng Wu, “Are you out of your mind? Do you know what time it is now? It’s almost midnight!”

Feng Wu grabbed him and said anxiously, “I don’t care! I need to do it now! I can’t wait!”

Feng Xun shook his head . “It’s not going to happen . ”

Feng Wu was already heading out .

Feng Xun immediately stopped her . “Little Feng Wu, are you crazy? You’ve missed your appointment, and Chief Qiao won’t let you do it anymore!”

What Feng Xun didn’t tell Feng Wu was that people had been talking about her challenge and many had bet on the outcome .

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Some had bet on her success and others on her failure, but no one had anticipated that she would give up .

People in the imperial capital had been saying the nastiest things about Feng Wu, and Chaoge didn’t dare to repeat them to her .

Feng Wu had no idea of any of that . She only stared at Feng Xun and asked, “What if I insist?”

“Are you in such a rush?”

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu said in a serious tone, “What if I tell you that I’ll be dead if I don’t pass the Dragon’s Gate challenge in the next two hours?”

“Is it that serious?!” Feng Xun couldn’t believe what he just heard .

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Feng Wu nodded . “Yes! That serious!”

Feng Xun looked into her eyes and saw that she meant it .

“Wait, let me think…” Feng Xun rubbed his chin and racked his brain .

He said, “Chief Qiao set up the Dragon’s Gate, but you were still unconscious and missed the appointment .

“Chief Qiao was so mad that he said that he wouldn’t give you another chance!”

Feng Wu was speechless .

Feng Xun walked back and forth in the room . “Chief Qiao is known for his quick temper, and once he’s made up his mind, no one can change it…”


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