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Published at 27th of January 2021 03:25:29 PM

Chapter 1333
Chapter 1333: His Royal Highness Heard It

“Wait, the old master has come out of seclusion by now, right? I’ll go talk to him!” Feng Wu smacked her forehead and cried out .

By “the old master,” she meant Grand Secretary Fang .

“No, he hasn’t . ” Feng Xun’s words shattered Feng Wu’s hopes . “It seemed something came up, and he’s going to be in seclusion for a few more days . ”

Feng Wu rubbed her forehead and wondered why disasters always happened one after another .

“I’m going to talk to Chief Qiao now!” Feng Wu ran toward the door . However, Feng Xun stopped her before she could leave . “Do you know where he lives?”

Feng Wu shook her head .

“Do you know how much Chief Qiao hates you now?”

Feng Wu was speechless .

“How are you going to persuade him?”

Feng Wu was speechless .

After she calmed down, Feng Wu finally realized how difficult the situation was .

“I’ll go find Jun Linyuan!” Feng Wu said without hesitation .

Feng Wu considered Master Rong Yang, Master Dugu, or even Emperor Wu, but Jun Linyuan seemed to be the best candidate .

Staring at Feng Xun, Feng Wu said rapidly, “Jun Linyuan is without doubt an influential figure . As long as he puts in a word for me, no matter how reluctant Chief Qiao is, he’ll have to say yes . ”

Feng Xun asked, “Are you so sure that Boss Jun can make that happen?”

Feng Wu gave Feng Xun a strange look . “Trust me . Jun Linyuan can do it . If he can’t, no one can . ”

Feng Xun looked intrigued and asked Feng Wu, “So, that’s how impressive you find Boss Jun . Then why do you always offend him? Why did you say you don’t like him?”

Feng Wu snorted . “Of course Jun Linyuan is an impressive figure . The entire continent knows that, and I’m not blind . But you know how snappy he is . ”

“Well… About that, Xiao Wu, actually, he’s…” Feng Xun was cut off before he could go on .

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu said, “That’s why I have to persuade Jun Linyuan . Tell me where he is now . ”

Time was of the essence here . She only had less than two hours left . With each passing second, her chances of finishing the trial diminished .

“Boss Jun is…” Before Feng Xun could finish, they heard someone clearing his throat outside the door .

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Feng Wu was dumbfounded .

Chaoge nudged Feng Wu with her elbow . “Xiao Wu, look —”

She gestured at the door .

The door opened by itself to reveal a tall figure . Feng Wu was dumbfounded as soon as she saw who it was .

The teenager had his back to them .

Dressed in a white robe, the teenager was tall and elegant . The silver moonlight poured over him, reminding one of an immortal descending to this world .

It was none other than Jun Linyuan himself!

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Feng Wu was dumbfounded, and she bit her lip so hard that it almost bled .

She glared at Feng Xun and asked with her eyes, “Has Jun Linyuan been there this whole time?”

Feng Xun shrugged . It was true . He had done it on purpose .

Feng Wu was speechless .

That was to say, Jun Linyuan had heard all her comments just then .

Feng Wu was speechless .

She had never blushed so hard before . Her cheeks turned pink, and she wrung her fair, slender fingers together . She didn’t know what to do .

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