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Published at 27th of January 2021 03:25:36 PM

Chapter 1331
Chapter 1331: Life and Death

Those were Chaoge’s and Feng Xun’s voices!

Something stirred in Feng Wu’s muddled mind .

The Fallen Star Sword, Master Rong Yang, Chief Qiao, the Dragon’s Gate, the broken star piece…

As they came back to her one after another, Feng Wu bolted up from the bed, and there was a crash .

In her haste, Feng Wu had knocked a teacup off the bedside table .

The noise immediately alarmed the two people outside .

Chaoge and Feng Xun rushed into the room .

Before they reached her, Feng Wu had already rushed over to them in a frantic state . She grabbed Feng Xun by the collar and yelled, “How long have I been out for?!”

“Xiao Wu, are you alright?” Feng Xun had never seen Feng Wu so agitated .

“Just tell me! How long? I need an answer!” Feng Wu was almost in tears .

She was so anxious .

The making of Fallen Star Sword had cost her six days, and she was supposed to challenge the Dragon’s Gate on the seventh, but she passed out at Master Rong Yang’s place…

“How long was I unconscious for?” Feng Wu was flustered .

She had ten days to finish the fourth trial, and if she failed, that broken star piece would… Feng Wu almost lost her mind when she thought about that possibility .

“Five days, that’s how long you were out for,” Feng Xun said hastily, fearing that she might actually throttle him .

“Five days?! So, today is the 11th day already?!” Feng Wu’s eyes were wide open .

Her clear, bright eyes looked a little scary now .

Feng Xun was baffled . “What 11th day?”

Feng Wu was too weak to speak . She fell back into the chair and felt so defeated that she almost passed out again .

Feng Xun and Chaoge were both terrified .

“Xiao Wu! Are you alright? Don’t scare us!”

“Xiao Wu! What do you mean by the 11th day? What’s going on?”

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Feng Wu looked like she had just lost her soul . She sat there in a trance-like state with no expression on her face .

The 11th day… How could it be the 11th day… She had failed the trial and the broken star piece was gone forever… Ahhh!

Right now, Feng Wu felt like killing someone .

Feng Xun was terrified . “Xiao Wu, I was only kidding . You weren’t unconscious for that long . You’ve been out for four days, tops . ”

Chaoge said, “It’s more like three days and a bit . We’re still two hours from midnight now . The 4th day hasn’t started yet . ”

A little more than three days?!

Feng Wu’s eyes lit up when she heard those words .

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Her face was animated once again . “A little more than three days? Is that what you said?!”

Feng Wu’s grip was so tight that it left bruises on Feng Xun’s wrist, but he didn’t even grunt, because he knew that Feng Wu wasn’t in her right mind .

He smiled bitterly . “Three days, four days, what difference does it make?”

What difference? To Feng Wu, it was the difference between life and death!

Feng Wu knew that she couldn’t panic now . She had to calm down, or she would regret it for the rest of her life .

Taking a deep breath, she asked calmly, “What time is it now?”

Chaoge and Feng Xun exchanged bewildered looks when they saw how serious Feng Wu had become, and Feng Xun said, “It’s four quarters past the time of hai . So, 10 o’clock at night . ”

Transmigrators had arrived in this world before, which was why the way of counting time here was quite similar to Feng Wu’s original world .

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