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Chapter 1330
Chapter 1330: No Fighting For Now…

Master Rong Yang was the most convincing witness!

“You’ve inverted justice, made up groundless rumors, and told shameless lies!

“I’ve never met a brazen-faced young woman like you before!”

Because Master Rong Yang was very angry, he chose the harshest words he could think of .

Each word was like a whip to Zuo Qingyu’s face . She turned pale and trembled from head to toe .

Zuo Ming was so furious that he was speechless .

Master Rong Yang was such an influential figure in the empire . If his comments about Zuo Qingyu got out, not only would Zuo Qingyu’s reputation be ruined, the other girls of the Zuo family would be incriminated as well .

“Master —”

Zuo Ming spoke up involuntarily, but Master Rong Yang only scolded, “You’re no better!”

The old man said angrily, “You’re the head of a clan, for god’s sake! You should know better! Not only did you give a false account of the truth, you also threatened a teenage girl as well! Are you proud of yourself?!”

Zuo Ming was utterly humiliated by those words . His face had turned scarlet red, but he couldn’t retort to any of the things the old man said .

After all, Master Rong Yang belonged to Zuo Ming’s father’s generation, and he couldn’t confront a senior .

Master Rong Yang was still angry . “Feng Wu and I forged this Fallen Star Sword together, so remember this: If anyone tries to take the sword away from her, they’ll have me to answer to! You’ve been warned!”

Feng Wu was deeply touched .

She was still weak, but the Fallen Star Sword was so formidable that other people were bound to slaver after it — at least, the Zuo family would .

With Master Rong Yang’s warning, she would be much safer .

Master Rong Yang then looked up at Emperor Wu . “Come inside . I need to talk to you . ”

Emperor Wu was also considered a junior to Master Rong Yang .

His father, the late emperor, was Master Rong Yang’s best friend, and the old man had always considered the emperor his nephew . Therefore, Emperor Wu had to do as he was told .

“You, too . ”

Master Rong Yang cast a stern look at the crown prince, who had remained silent the entire time .

Once they went inside, Master Rong Yang set up a barrier so that no one could hear what they were talking about .

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In the yard —

Zuo Qingyu glared at Feng Wu with eyes filled with hatred .

Feng Wu stood there, looking as proud as ever . Her clothes flapped in the wind, making her look even slimmer . She reminded one of new grass in the spring, refreshing but very tenacious .

But in fact, she was in a miserable state .

Most of her spiritual essence had been sucked away by the Fallen Star Sword, and she was barely able to stand .

She started to lose consciousness, and her vision turned blurry…

“Xiao Wu! Xiao Wu!”

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When she heard the familiar voice, her legs gave in, and she collapsed…

It seemed forever when Feng Wu woke up again, but her head was still muddled .

She regained consciousness before she opened her eyes, and she could hear some familiar voices .

“Is Xiao Wu still unconscious?”

“Yes . It’s been days, and we don’t know when she’ll wake up . ”

“The imperial physician says that she’s in really bad shape . She shouldn’t be fighting any time soon…”

“But she still has that Dragon’s Gate challenge . What should we do now?”

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