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Chapter 1318

Feng Xun said, “Just admit it . Xiao Wu is a naturally likable person . People simply feel close to her . It’s not something one can simply learn . ”

Xuan Yi was speechless .

How could he deny that?

Xuan Yi then said, “The Dragon’s Gate challenge is going to start in two days . ”

It was Feng Xun’s turn to be speechless .

Xuan Yi patted him on the shoulder . “Even that crappy dragon scale gold dagger cost the master four days to make . Do you think Xiao Wu can receive her Fallen Star Sword in two days?”

Feng Xun was speechless .

Xuan Yi went on . “Don’t make me say ‘I told you so’ afterward . I’ve heard that Chief Qiao is going for hell mode this time . Without the Fallen Star Sword, Xiao Wu is definitely going to fail . ”

Feng Xun banged his fist on the table . “How dare he! I won’t let that happen!”

He then turned to leave .

“Where are you going?” Jun Linyuan asked in his cold voice .

“I’m going to talk to Chief Qiao!” Feng Xun said grumpily .


“Boss Jun…” Feng Xun gave Jun Linyuan a pleading look . “The Dragon’s Gate challenge is impossible to pass in hell mode . ”

From what Feng Xun had observed so far, he was already convinced that Jun Linyuan actually cared about Feng Wu .

If that was the case, shouldn’t Boss Jun help Feng Wu out in a moment like this?

However, to Feng Xun’s surprise, Jun Linyuan not only wouldn’t help Feng Wu, he also stopped Feng Xun from helping her as well .

“Boss Jun, are you really going to do nothing?” Feng Xun couldn’t believe it .

Xuan Yi looked at the crown prince as well .

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The light outside cast shadows on the crown prince’s sculpted face, adding to his charm .

Tapping the table with his long, fair fingers, he said affirmatively, “Yes, really . ”

Both Feng Xun and Xuan Yi said inwardly, “What a poser . ”

They exchanged looks and shook their heads with wry smiles on their faces .

But they didn’t know what was going on in the Rong manor at that moment .

Two days had passed since then .

The Fallen Star Sword was gradually taking shape . Feng Wu’s eyes lit up when she saw this, and she was thrilled .

The fallen star iron had already been cast into the shape of a sword, and the dragon scale gold had been added in . With one look, one could tell that the metal was going to become a real sword .

Master Rong Yang had remained silent the entire time and was completely focused on his work .

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However, the amount of energy consumed during the making of the Fallen Star Sword exceeded his expectations . More than once, even the master himself felt drained .

It was a good thing Feng Wu was there .

Whenever his spiritual essence was exhausted, Feng Wu would open up a spiritual essence supplement and give it to the old man .

Time slowly went by .

Master Rong Yang went on hammering the base of the sword, and the look on his face became sterner .

He was known for his “108 hammerings,” and the skill was the reason he was considered a master in forging weapons .

By then, Master Rong Yang had hammered the metal 98 times already .




The giant hammer exerted more force with each strike, and the master was moving faster and faster until the noise resembled a storm hitting a roof .

“It hurts…”

Feng Wu had been controlling the abnormal flame for Master Rong Yang, and she thought her eardrums were going to burst from the noise .




Each strike was more powerful than the last, until the entire mountain seemed to be shaking, and Feng Wu could barely stand still .

Rumble —

Feng Wu’s ears were ringing, and the pain almost drove her to tears .

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