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Chapter 1319: 1319
Chapter 1319: Break the Record

Without hesitation, Feng Wu sat down, crossed her legs, and suppressed her restless spiritual essence as she controlled the abnormal flame .

Her head was dizzy, she was in pain, and she felt awful .

Feng Wu felt as if she was going to explode . Her spiritual essence was running wild inside her and threatening to break free .







The hammering was like a thunderstorm!

Right now, the entire mountain was shaking .

There were quite a few people in the Rong manor, and they all looked worried, especially the old steward .

Looking up at the sky, Yuan clung tighter to a pillar and asked the old steward, “Sir, has this happened before?”

The old steward looked conflicted as he shook his head . “Nothing like this has ever happened when the master forged weapons…”

Looking up, the old steward saw that the sky was covered with dark clouds . Although it was still noon, it was already as dark as night .

The entire mountain shook like there was an earthquake . It was so difficult to stay steady that the less capable ones were thrown off their feet!

“The master has used 107 strikes already!” The old steward had been counting, and he was so surprised that his eyes popped out .

“The master has never used as many as 107 strikes before!

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“If he uses all 108 strikes, how formidable will this weapon be?!”

After working for Master Rong Yang for so many years, the old steward had seen his fair share of weapons . He had a feeling that something big was going to happen today .

In the imperial capital .

The common folk naturally couldn’t hear the formidable hammering, but all the capable cultivators sensed it .

The Zuo family —

Zuo Ming, the current leader of the Zuo family, heard the noise as well .

He was in the imperial palace to discuss some state matters, when he heard the pounding .

The 108 hammerings of Master Rong! Zuo Ming’s eyes lit up .

He wasn’t the only one who heard them .

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Emperor Wu’s eyes flickered as well . “Zuo, can you hear that?”

Zuo Ming cupped his hands at the emperor, and couldn’t hide the joy on his face . “Your Majesty, I apologize for being distracted while discussing state matters . ”

Emperor Wu asked, “Wait . Judging by the look on your face, I think you know something that we don’t . Would you care to share?”

Not many people were in the room, but everyone was a prominent figure in court .

There was Jun Linyuan .

And Feng Yanfeng .

And Master Dugu .

And Lord Mu .

“The clouds are gathering over that mountain . It has to be Master Rong Yang, right?” asked Lord Mu .

Zuo Ming cleared his throat . “Lord Mu, that’s very perceptive of you . ”

Lord Mu’s eyes lit up a little . “Master Rong Yang is unparalleled as a weapons maker . Does this noise mean that…”

Zuo Ming looked thrilled when he said, “Yes, the master has indeed been working on a piece recently . ”

Master Dugu’s eyes flickered . “If I’m reading it correctly, Master Rong Yang is using his signature hammering technique, and has made 107 strikes already!

“One more strike and he’ll use all 108 . Are we going to see a record-breaking weapon?

“Northern Feng General’s Dragon Spear was completed after 107 and a half strikes, and it’s already so impressive!”

All the high-ranking officials were captivated .

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