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Chapter 1317: 1317
Chapter 1317: He Adores Xiao Wu

Feng Xun had heard about the tiresome tasks the old steward had given Feng Wu and Chaoge, and he was furious . Before he could run over to the Rong manor, however, Jun Linyuan had stopped him .

But Feng Xun couldn’t get it out of his mind .

“Boss Jun, how’s little Feng Wu doing there? Did anyone pick on her?” Craning his neck, Feng Xun tried to find out what was going on with Feng Wu .

Raising one elegant eyebrow, Jun Linyuan darted a glance at Feng Xun .

“Do you really think someone can pick on her?” Shaking his head, Jun Linyuan threw the letter into Feng Xun’s hands .

Feng Xun unfolded the small piece of paper and was elated . “Oh my! Feng Wu is as amazing as always! I didn’t know one could actually do that!”

The letter described everything that had happened in the Rong manor, even down to every word Feng Wu said .

Feng Xun’s mouth dropped open . “That’s amazing! Xiao Wu is so amazing!”

Xuan Yi leaned over and read the letter as well . He then smiled wryly and said, “The girl really is full of surprises . ”

Feng Xun was exhilarated . “Right?! I was going to ask Boss Jun to talk to Master Rong Yang . After all, one word from him is enough to make the master offer his help . But the girl earned the master’s respect all by herself . ”

Xuan Yi nodded . “That’s indeed very impressive . ”

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Feng Xun was so pleased he was practically wagging his tail . “That Zuo Qingyu is such an idiot . Has she forgotten how she was defeated before? Why did she want to humiliate herself again?! Hahaha —”

Xuan Yi glanced at Feng Xun .

He still remembered some time ago when Feng Xun talked about how good-looking and smart the second daughter of the Zuo family was, and wondered which man would be lucky enough to marry her .

Feng Xun immediately took the hint and said grumpily, “Gosh, how was I supposed to know that Zuo Qingyu is so stupid? She’s an imbecile compared with little Feng Xun . Well, why should I compare them, anyway?”

Xuan Yi said, “According to the letter, Master Rong Yang has agreed to make the Fallen Star Sword for little Feng Wu?”

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Feng Xun sounded pleased when he said, “Of course he has! Master Rong Yang adores Xiao Wu!”

He didn’t know where to begin to describe his satisfaction . Rocking back and forth on his feet, he said, “Xiao Wu is so amazing! Master Rong Yang never heard of her name before, but he already finds her very impressive . ”

Xuan Yi glanced at him again and didn’t know what to say .

Feng Xun was still immersed in his satisfaction when he said, “Even the proud master of Wandering Temple agreed to see her, let alone Master Rong Yang . Has Master Linghu agreed to see you after so many years?”

Crossing his arms, Xuan Yi turned away .

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Feng Xun wouldn’t stop . “Are you still not convinced? Let me ask you this: Isn’t Grand Secretary Fang a very picky person, with his connections all over the continent and all?”

He stared at Xuan Yi . “Did he teach you anything himself? Did he protect you? Did he give you his house?”

Feng Xun grinned . “If you ask me, your grandfather treats little Feng Wu much better than he does you . Compared with you, she’s more like a grandchild to him . ”

Xuan Yi’s mouth fell open .

He was actually speechless .

Feng Xun was so pleased . Raising his chin, he glanced at Xuan Yi .

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