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Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Destiny's Coincidence

Feng Wu covered her forehead with her hand, hurting so much that tears almost gushed forth.

However, Feng Wu didn't have time for tears, because there was an astonishingly powerful whirlpool at the river's bottom, trying to suck her into it.

How could Feng Wu so easily allow herself to lose the life she preserved with so much difficulty?

She pieced together all of the strength left in her body to swim towards the surface!

At last, just before her strength was exhausted, she eventually was able to grab a withered round tree branch. She turned over to sprawl on top of the tree branch, gasping for breath, no longer wanting to move at all.

If this was the body she used to have, what would this amount to? However, her condition at present……Feng Wu laughed bitterly as the corners of her mouth pulled upward. The series of actions just now nearly depleted all of her available


Fortunately, even though she temporarily didn't possess any spirit force, her special agent's instincts weren't lost, allowing her to sufficiently preserve herself.

Lying down on top of the floating wood branch, Feng Wu rested for awhile. After some of her strength had been restored, she then started to take measure of her surroundings.

This was Icebound Forest's east quadrant, Feng Wu was still quite familiar with this area.

Originally, for the sake of the Immortal Spirit Fruit, Feng Wu had entered Icebound Forest many times. In addition, she'd studied countless numbers of maps, that's why she knew that at a not very distant place up ahead was Icebound Great Canyon.

Icebound Great Canyon contained a cold poison. Her current body wouldn't be able to resist it, therefore, she'd need to first climb ashore before thinking about it again.

At the bend, Feng Wu looked for an opportunity. Nimbly, her body dived into the large river, sparing no effort to swim for the shore.

Because the distance to the waterfall wasn't far, the water flowed rapidly.

rapidly. Also because it's flowing perpendicularly, Feng Wu was almost flushed away quite a few times.

Feng Wu bitterly focused on swimming before her strength became exhausted and eventually climbed up the bank. It's just that at the moment, she was gasping for breath and her complexion turned pale.

She looked up to survey her surroundings.

And only saw flowers everywhere, brightly colored, their fragrance pervading the air……

This was……

The map in Feng Wu's brain woosh woosh woosh flipped over. Very quickly, she targeted an area of the map. Her complexion also consequently became even paler.

This was the giant Horned Blood Bee's territory!

How could she be so unlucky, to have charged in here? !

Icebound Forest was dangerous everywhere, but this was the most dangerous location within the four regions!

Feng Wu previously already saw with her own eyes that after a troop of people entered here, within a minute, they were bitten and devoured into a big pile of bones. Their condition was terribly frightening!

It was a shockingly ghastly sight!

There was

There was a queen bee within the hive of Horned Blood Bees. Feng Wu had always wanted to possess her, because refining her into a Nine Reversal Spirit Pill would allow its effectiveness to double. However……thinking about that big swarm of densely packed giant Horned Blood Bees, Feng Wu subconsciously shook her head.

It's still better for her to replace it with white jade. In regards to the Horned Blood Bee's queen bee, she really couldn't afford to provoke it.

Because she didn't want to alert this swarm of terrifying giant Horned Blood Bees, Feng Wu prepared to suppress her presence, as she noiselessly left this area.

As a matter of fact, while she was doing this, from a not distant place came the buzzing sounds of the sounds of the Horned Blood Bees. Feng Wu hid behind a huge tree trunk and raised her head to take a quick look.

She saw a red robed silhouette!


There's someone there?

Moreover, even wearing a red robe? !

This person's guts was really not small!

Feng Wu's hands quickly moved to climb up the big tree. A few moments later, she leaped to the summit of the tree and looked down at her surroundings. This one glance made delight abruptly emerge on the tips of her brows!

Because she saw a red gowned silhouette up ahead at a place not far away, which attracted the attention of the majority of the Horned Blood Bees!

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