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Chapter 12

Chapter 12: A Special Agent's Instinct

The Flaming Cloud Hawk was so angry that it cried 'wah wah'. "Isn't it all because I noticed that your brain is pretty good? If I eat you, wouldn't I also grow a brain? If you were useless like you were in the past, would I even want to eat you? You're so skinny that you're a pile of bones, I'm even afraid of hurting my teeth!"

Feng Wu inhaled a deep breath.

But she's still very angry as she harrumphed. "Then how about you wait for Jun Lin Yuan to beat you to death! I'm not playing with you anymore!"

From the start, Feng Wu already planned an escape route and decided on the place she'd be leaving to.

At the moment, she purposefully picked a fight with the Flaming Cloud Hawk, so that she could draw its attention.

Right at this time, Feng Wu turned and looked around.

She saw that dark eyed, ice-cold, black robed young man, his face brimming with killing intent!


footsteps were extremely light, quick and slender body leaped high up, and suddenly skimmed over in midair.

Heaven Slaying Sword flew as it chopped down!

Ice-cold killing intent wreaked havoc as it burst forth, engulfing everything as it approached, vertically chopped at the Flaming Cloud Hawk's enormous wing that seemed like it could shade a mountain!

Feng Wu knew that after this exchange, this silly, stupid bird was going to be done for.

Five hundred meters……three hundred meters……one hundred meters……however, at present, Feng Wu's distance from the waterfall over the cliff reaching to the clouds was not far!

After she calculated the height to the ground once more, the wind speed and direction, the speed of the drop and other related factors, Feng Wu finally spit out a mouthful of impure air, as her body jumped and front flipped towards the waterfall over the cliff!

When she was doing the somersault previously, she passed before the Flaming Cloud Hawk's eyes, Feng Wu even leisurely waved at it.

The Flaming Cloud Hawk stared blankly.

Right at the time Feng Wu was leaping, Jun Lin Yuan's Heaven Slaying Sword was

was already chopping down from the sky.

The hawk's silhouette that was has huge as a mountain, its wing hanging in the clouds was unexpectedly directly cut off!

"Oww! ! !" The Flaming Cloud Hawk's painful and fierce appearance faced upwards as it roared mournfully.

Its right wing shattered to pieces, fresh blood splattered.

Its enormous body violently raged in midair, shaking like a leaf!

Jun Lin Yuan saw a person's figure jumped and rolled out from the Flaming Cloud Hawk's right ear and vertically dived down.

He didn't care about an insignificant person's life and death at all.

Just when his sights opened up, out of the corner of his eye, he glimpsed at that quick and agile figure, both hands wrapped around her legs, her body rolled into a ball ————-

Afterwards, her posture tilted at an angle to enter the waterfall over the cliff, that contact reduced part of the force of the impact.

Right after that, her body curled into a ball headed downwards with the help of the waterfall's force!

Finally, she rolled straight down close to the waves at the bottom of the

of the pond.

Jun Lin Yuan's eyes were used to being ice-cold and apathetic, appearing serene and deep, a handsome silhouette, yet a slight surprise streaked within that countenance hidden in depth.

Jumping out of the hawk's ear, falling from a high altitude, perfectly entering the cliff, following the stream of water down.

All of these things involved too many factors, elevation, wind speed, wind direction, gravity, force of impact, the cliff's angle, and also the uncontrollable Flaming Cloud Hawk…… any slightest amount of miscalculation could result in all efforts ending up for naught.

He never thought that an ordinary girl without any spirit qi would unexpectedly dare to do this, which was a bit interesting.

However, Jun Lin Yuan also merely felt that Feng Wu was a little interesting, that's all. He certainly didn't have any superfluous thought of superfluous thought of saving her life.

If he knew that in the future he'd love her that much, Crown Prince Jun Lin Yuan absolutely wouldn't have looked on while her life was in danger, but at the moment, they way he viewed Feng Wu……was truly just like looking through air.

Feng Wu was battered by the majestic stream of water falling down from the high cliff!

Ultimately, she fell vertically down into the deep pool!


Feng Wu accurately calculated everything, yet didn't figure that there was a huge rock at the bottom of the pool.

That's why after her body fell straight into the bottom of the pool, her forehead directly struck the rock with a loud 'thump'.


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