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Chapter 14

Chapter 14: The Depths of her Heart Was Collapsing

What made Feng Wu even more surprised was that the giant Horned Blood Bees actually converged at that not so distant place!

Feng Wu's originally extinguished hope instantly re-ignited again, flames reborn and raged in her heart!

Ah, the giant Horned Blood Bee's queen bee……right now, there's no one guarding her!

Feng Wu understood very clearly that this was opportunity knocking. If this chance passed by, there wouldn't be another one!

"Danger comes with treasure." Feng Wu immediately made her decision, this queen bee was going to be hers!

Feng Wu's body was as agile as a small leopard as she danced between the tree branches. Even though she hadn't cultivated spirit force, her body's basic essence was still the same. That's why, within a short time, she spiraled to the side of the beehive.

While Feng Wu was moving previously, she tied some branches together. So that when she stood in front of the beehive, there was

already a hook-shaped wood tool in her hand!

No sooner said than done.

The long hook entered the beehive!

In the next second, a sharp, ear-piercing blood-curdling screech sounded, pervading heaven and earth!

It's the the sound of the giant Horned Blood Bee's queen bee summoning her people!

Feng Wu didn't have time to think much as she threw the queen be into her Dragon Phoenix Ring's domain. At the same time, her body exploded lightning quick as it rushed forth into another direction.

Feng Wu held her breath with rapt attention, her footsteps moving lightly, like a cat in the jungle running rapidly.

Quickly, quickly, very quickly, she'd be able to leave the Horned Blood Bee's territory.

Right at the moment Feng Wu almost heaved a sigh of relief, suddenly, a braggart's voice sounded right behind her.

"Eh? Little girl, you're here, too? Isn't this too coincidental!"

This voice seemed to be very familiar.

Feng Wu subconsciously turned her head around, and saw him with a glance, Feng Xun. The young man's defined silhouette, delicate and handsome, facial appearance glowing with

with health and vigor, his cordial and carefree smiling expression was warm like the noonday sun, lifting people's mood when they see it.

However, at the moment, Feng Wu really found it difficult to smile.

Behind Feng Xun was a swarm of densely packed Horned Blood Bees, as far as the eye can see, thousands and tens of thousands, a dense swarming cloud!

That buzzing sound came from behind him.

So it turned out that the person who attracted the swarm of Horned Blood Bees earlier was Feng Xun!

She avoided that swarm with great difficulty as she secretly stole their queen bee……yet Feng Xun unexpectedly brought along this big swarm of Horned Blood Bees!

They'd be able to detect the queen bee's fragrance on her body.

Thinking of this, Feng Wu's face instantly turned green!

She pretended to not recognize Feng Xun, and with a speed akin to flying, she continued to rush forward.

Don't come over here, don't come over, I'm begging you a thousand times, don't come over here, brother ~ Feng Wu loudly shouted in her heart, hoping that

hoping that Feng Xun could hear the loud entreaties in her heart.

However, Feng Xun didn't have any empathic nor telepathic connection with her as he rushed towards her brimming with enthusiasm while he brought the huge swarm of Horned Blood Bees to her. "Young girl, so it turns out that you haven't died? I even thought that you're dead."

Feng Wu deadpanned: "……"

How would she dare to stop? At once, she frantically let loose her pace as she ran!

Feng Xun shouted behind Feng Wu. "Young girl, why're you running, wait for me!"

While he was yelling, he even extended his hand to grab Feng Wu.

And at this moment, that swarm of bees behind Feng Xun suddenly sank into a crazy frenzy, the entire swarm was endlessly agitated, as it buzzed as it buzzed and hummed constantly.

The huge swarm of bees which originally circled around Feng Xun now, without exception, ferociously changed its direction towards Feng Wu!

Feng Wu's hairs instantly stood on ends!

Oh no……stealing the queen bee had definitely been discovered!

Everything, had, come, to, naught!

Thinking to this point, Feng Wu was so angry that she glared at Feng Xun.

Feng Xun was unable to make heads or tails of Feng Wu's glare. "What's up? Are your eyes feeling unwell? Are the muscles twitching?"

Twitch? This woman even wants to thrash you!

The depths of Feng Wu's heart was collapsing. It was originally possible for her to escape. If only she wasn't dragged back by Feng Xun…….

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